Decorate Kitchen Walls : Decorative Metal Curtain Rods.

Decorate Kitchen Walls

decorate kitchen walls
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decorate kitchen walls - Wall Mount
Wall Mount Kitchen Towel Bar
Wall Mount Kitchen Towel Bar
Keep dish towels and kitchen utensils close at hand with this Wall Mount Kitchen Towel Bar and Utensil Organizer. This kitchen cabinet towel bar is constructed from sturdy chromed metal and features six a dish towel bar and six hooks that are great for hanging spatulas stirring spoons and other cooking utensils. Wall Mount Kitchen Utensil Organizer Features A great way to keep dish towels and kitchen utensils close at hand in the kitchen. Towel bar can accommodate multiple dish towels hand towels and dish cloths. Six hooks for storing slotted spoons tongs and other kitchen cooking and serving utensils. Constructed from rugged chromed metal to provide years of reliable performance. Includes screws and anchors for mounting to wood and drywall or suction cups for tile and other smooth non-porous surfaces.

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The tiles go up behind the gas hob in our kitchen. I have done without a splash back for at least four years (I shall have to check my pictures, but it is at least that long) so I was really chuffed when we finally got around to putting these up. The only difficulty was deciding where to stop tiling, but we decided that using the base of the extractor fan was probably as high as we needed to go. Unfortunately we ran out of time and had to return to Germany before getting the grouting done, but that will wait for another day.
Miniature Kitchen Shelf with Accessories
Miniature Kitchen Shelf with Accessories
We have made this little wooden shelf and painted it white. We added four pegs to hang accessories from. The decorated garden hat and red checked kitchen towel are included. We have left room for you to add your own accessories if you desire. The shelf itself is 2 inches wide and 1 inch high. We have mounted it on a wallpaper covered card for photo and shipping ease. You can remove it from the card and mount it on your dollhouse wall.

decorate kitchen walls