Decorating Tween Girls Room

decorating tween girls room
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JoJo Designs Bedding | Pink Brown toile
JoJo Designs Bedding | Pink Brown toile
Pink and Brown French Toile and Polka Dot Twin Bedding set will help you create an incredible room for your child. This elegant girl bedding set uses a traditional French toile print with a contemporary polka dot and a coordinating gingham, decorated in satin bows as a special accent. This collection uses the stylish colors of Pink and Chocolate Brown. The design uses 100% cotton fabrics that are machine washable for easy care. This wonderful set will fit all standard twin beds.
Alexis Couture Rock Star
Alexis Couture Rock Star
Rock and Roll Couture... Start with black, sizzling pink and silver metallic. Add in a lot of bling, damask print and chandelier accessories, and you have a room fit for a sweet little diva! Full of couture style and room to grow. Hand painted script lettering embellished with rhinestones. Hand painted scroll border with silver upholstery nails and rhinestones galore!

decorating tween girls room
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