Princess Room Decoration

princess room decoration
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princess room decoration - Hot Pink
Hot Pink Black Flower Zebra Print Tutu Skirt - dress up animal print fairy girls toddler youth princess party ballet costume dress-up apparel tutus
Hot Pink Black Flower Zebra Print Tutu Skirt - dress up animal print fairy girls toddler youth princess party ballet costume dress-up apparel tutus
Bugs-n-Blooms specializes in butterfly costumes & tutus, which include butterfly wings, tutu skirts, butterfly wands and headbands. You can use our beautiful butterfly decorations and dress up costumes to decorate your little girls butterfly themed birthday party. All of our dress up costumes coordinates beautifully together. She can even wear the fairy costume, fairy wings and fairy wands for every day dress up play, dance recitals, photo shoots, weddings, parties or even as a Halloween costume. At Bugs-n-Blooms we also have nylon butterfly decorations, hanging dragonflies, ladybug decor, bumble bees and daisy flower decor for your little girls nursery or bedroom. Our butterflies are designed to coordinate with any bedding to create a stunning garden themed room using our dragonfly, ladybugs, bumble bees and daisy flower decor. Our elegant nylon accessories are perfect to hang from the ceiling or attach to the walls. All of Bugs-n-Blooms hanging decorations are made with a soft bendable wire frame and nylon fabric; which are nicely accented with sequins, glitter, and/or beads. Our stunning butterfly decorations can also add a special touch to a butterfly wedding, girls butterfly birthday party, baby shower, or a corporate event. Our hanging decorations come in a variety of styles, colors and sizes. Our decorative designs are perfect for any room in the house; making a home cheerful & colorful.

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Princess of Korea
Princess of Korea
Shot with the flash. Man, I hate photographing dolls with the flash on. -------------- I bought a Princess of Korea doll on the cheap years ago. I pulled down her hair, redressed her and had planned to take photos then redo the hair. It never happened. Years later her box is taking up room in my closet and I decide I should finally take those shots and put her back together. You can NEVER get a doll's hair back the same way but I figure this is adequate. A decoration is missing from her head and I can't find her shoes. They will turn up later, I supose.
Painting Tea Party Princess
Painting Tea Party Princess
Custom Made painting with a tea princess and a tea party... Mom wanted her dog on it as well if that was possible... I think it turned out cute... I wanted to keep this one for myself, my daughter loves this one !

princess room decoration