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Kids Rooms Decorate

kids rooms decorate
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kids rooms decorate - Art 4
Art 4 Kids "Rescue Helicopter" Mounted Art Print, 12"x12"
Art 4 Kids "Rescue Helicopter" Mounted Art Print, 12"x12"
21522 Picture Type: Contemporary Mount with Beveled Edge - Available in Contemporary Mount with Beveled Edge or Creative Canvas wrap - Contemporary Mount edge color: light oak - Safe, stylish, practical and affordable art for children and teens - No frame needed, no glass to break, wire hanger. Made in St. Augustine, Florida USA. - Contemporary Mount overall dimensions: 12'' H X 12'' W Special Features: -Current and classic images in a practical presentation -Art for infants, children and teens -Made in USA of American materials. - Rescue helicopter theme - Perfect for your growing child - Engaging image captures attention - Great for any room in your house

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Inside The Family Room
Inside The Family Room
Photo from inside the family room. Front door (from the porch) is to the right. Entry to the living room is in the middle, and the hall to the kitchen is to the left. Pass mouse over the photo for notes.
Butterflies Wall Slicks 4 of 4
Butterflies Wall Slicks 4 of 4
I chose lavendar Wall Slicks, but, now that I have them up, I think I'll get some darker purple ones to add to them for a little depth. That's a dark purple woven rug next to them on the right.

kids rooms decorate
kids rooms decorate
My Very Own House - Color Your Own Playhouse Cottage
Artist or architect? Whatever your little prodigy wants to be, the My Very Own Cottage is perfect for creative kids. Let them be their own decorators as they spend hours coloring, painting and personalizing this collapsible cardboard playhouse. There's room for up to four children to play and when they're finished, simply fold it up for easy storage. * Includes eight jumbo markers * Illustrated directions are printed on the playhouse * Constructed of heavy-gauge cardboard * Comes 97% pre-assembled; 6 simple folds take you from play to put-away * Roof overhang has no sharp tabs for safety * Dimensions: 55"L x 36"W x 49"H - measures 14 square feet * Tested and certified as a safe toy for children as per the ASTM (U.S.), CHPA (Canada) and CE (European Union) regulations * Made in the USA