Cheap kids room decor. Decorating college dorms.

Cheap Kids Room Decor

cheap kids room decor
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New Flower Decor
New Flower Decor
Went to Michaels this weekend and stumbled upon a $2 vase... found some real-enough looking flowers to go in them (that - i might add - were NOT cheap). I was intending for these to go in the guest bedroom, but figured they would get more stares placed at the mantle in the living room. Added some beaded branches around the bottom of the vase to make it pop. Voila! Man, am i Martha freakin Stewart or what! ... kidding...
teddy & svinga
teddy & svinga
if you like the swinging chair in caroline's 'for a tomboy' room in my photostream, and you're sad that it's no longer available, here's a solution -- the ikea svinga chair. cheap and cheerful, and not quite as comfy cosy, but excellent, as here, on a screened porch in the balmy north carolina spring. we have two out there! it's a little hard on the screen part -- too much crazy swinging:)

cheap kids room decor