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beach inspired decor
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beach inspired decor - The Natural
The Natural Home: Stylish Living Inspired by Nature (The Small Book of Home Ideas series)
The Natural Home: Stylish Living Inspired by Nature (The Small Book of Home Ideas series)
The collective consciousness is turning overwhelmingly green, and many homeowners are looking to live in a more ecologically sound way. That means introducing natural materials and substances into the home, designing it with energy-saving principles in mind, and looking more closely at sustainable sources, as well as recycled materials—but being natural doesn’t have to mean sacrificing style. Describing a variety of natural decorative styles—from coastal and country to contemporary and retro—this guide reveals that the natural look is versatile and sophisticated. Offering inspirational decorating ideas that include advice on how to conserve energy and recycle—including how to choose surfaces, materials, furnishings, and accessories that are natural or naturally inspired—this book will help homeowners create their natural home effortlessly.

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Windsong Resort Two Bedroom Ocean Front Suite
Windsong Resort Two Bedroom Ocean Front Suite
This generous, airy suite features casually elegant British West Indies inspired decor with a king pillow-top bed in the master suite and a wonderfully spacious, private oceanfront terrace, as well as an in-suite marble bath with an oversized walk-in shower. The island view guest bedroom has a separate keyed entry from the suite entrance and features either a king, queen or twin pillow-top beds, an in-suite marble bathroom, as well as a convenient kitchenette.
Lobby Lounge
Lobby Lounge
As the resort's centerpiece, the Lobby Lounge is a comfortable setting complete with panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and Arts and Crafts-inspired decor featuring rich hues and plush wood furnishings. Indoor and outdoor seating allow guests to sit back, relax and soak in the true California beach experience.

beach inspired decor