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Here is a summary of the rules:

BEACH HANDBALL: The Basics (written by Hayden O'Brien - Thanks Hayden!)

1. Court Dimensions:

The court is 27 metres long and 12 metres wide

The playing area is 15 metres long and 12 metres wide

The 6 metre line is a horizontal line that stretches from sideline to sideline

2. Playing Time

The game consists of two ten (10) minute halves

Tied scores at half and full time will result in “Golden Goal” being used

The winner of each half is awarded one point  

If each team wins a half then the “Shoot-out” will be used to determine an overall winner

3. Team Regulations (substitutions, equipment etc)

Only 4 players may be on court at any one time (3 field players and 1 goalkeeper)

All players play barefoot or in socks

Sunhats are permitted provided that the hard visor is turned backwards

The substitution area runs parallel to the sideline from 6 metre line to 6 metre line and players can enter the court anywhere from within this area

The goalkeeper must enter the court from inside the 6 metre line on the same side as their team’s substitution area

4. Scoring

One (1) point is awarded for a standard goal

Two (2) points are awarded for goals scored from six (6) metre penalty shots, goals scored by the goalkeeper and goals deemed by the referees to have been scored in a spectacular fashion

5. Rule variations

Each half and “Golden Goal” period begins with a referee throw (toss up)

The winner of the toss chooses which sideline or which end they want to play from

Teams change ends at halftime but do not change sidelines

When a free throw is taken players must be one (1) metre away from the player taking the throw

A suspension or reduction as the result of a disqualification lasts until a change of possession

It is also a good idea to watch the video.

How to play Beach Handball

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