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Handy Manny Wall Decor

handy manny wall decor
    handy manny
  • Handy Manny is an animated children's television program launched in 2006, part of the Playhouse Disney morning block of the Disney Channel. The show features the adventures of Manny Garcia, a bilingual Hispanic handyman, and his anthropomorphic, talking tools.
  • Official Disney Website
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Handy Manny's Tools
Handy Manny's Tools
Handy Manny's Tools - (L-R) Pat, Turner, Squeeze, Dusty, Filipe, Stretch and Rusty - as portrayed by puppets in the Playhouse Disney - Live on Stage show at Disney's California Adventure.
Handy Manny Cake
Handy Manny Cake
Handy Manny cake hat with fondant pencil and 'Stretch'. I ran out of white fondant so had to make the entire hat, red. The cake base is decorated fondant as well.

handy manny wall decor
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