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Beach Condo Decorating Ideas

beach condo decorating ideas
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  • generally in a Condominium project, owners hold title to their units plus a percentage of the entire project in common with all other owners. Some Houston inner loop apartments are developed with the intention of selling the units individually but rent them out as apartments.
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Hey Heather
Hey Heather
My friend, Craig, wanted to decorate his new condo with paintings that his friends made. While in Florida, he bought me a canvas, and this is what came out, lol! It is suppose to represent a night that we were walking on the beach...with the exception of the kitty not being there, lol! Anyways...the catch about the paintings... We were to include a stick figure in our painting. He got the idea from one of those spoof movies. So there it is!!!
Another Condo
Another Condo
condos are coming up left and right in the city. this is actually a pretty interesting design on 26th street and 10th ave.

beach condo decorating ideas
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