Tree Of Life Wall Decor. 50th Wedding Anniversary Table Decorations

Tree Of Life Wall Decor

tree of life wall decor
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Still Life - Poppy
Still Life - Poppy
The subject is a silk poppy that I have been using as home decor for some time now. Tonight, I moved it to this location, with an incandescent light shining on it from below, when we needed to make space in the room for our Christmas tree. The yellow in the background is the color of the wall in our living room. Relying entirely on the lighting from below, I did not use any additional flash. I used a tripod for stability.
Living tree original botanical art
Living tree original botanical art
This intricate whimsical original acrylic tree painting "Living Tree" is from my "Tree of Life" series. The artwork was inspired by Josef Frank's designs. Artist: Helen Janow Miqueo Title: "Living Tree" from "Tree of Life" series Size: 16”x20”x3/4” Support: Wooden frame Style: Whimsical Art & Unique Acrylic Pouring Technique™ Year: 2011

tree of life wall decor
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