Remote Shutter For Nikon

remote shutter for nikon
  • a mechanical device on a camera that opens and closes to control the time of a photographic exposure
  • a hinged blind for a window
  • Close the shutters of (a window or building)
  • Close (a business)
  • close with shutters; "We shuttered the window to keep the house cool"
  • (of a place) Situated far from the main centers of population in a country
  • distant: located far away spatially; "distant lands"; "remote stars"
  • (of an electronic device) Operating or operated by means of radio or infrared signals
  • remote control: a device that can be used to control a machine or apparatus from a distance; "he lost the remote for his TV"
  • (of a place) Far away; distant
  • outside: very unlikely; "an outside chance"; "a remote possibility"; "a remote contingency"
  • ' , also known as Nikon or Nikon Corp.''', is a multinational corporation headquartered in Tokyo, Japan specializing in optics and imaging.
  • Bishop Nikon (Liolin) (born October 9, 1945, New York City) is an Albanian bishop who serves as the head of the Orthodox Church in America's Albanian Archdiocese and New England diocese.
  • Vibration Reduction. This is Nikon's nomenclature for a lens which has the ability to correct for "Camera Shake".
remote shutter for nikon - Digital Timer
Digital Timer Remote Control EZA-N1 For Nikon D2H, D2Hs, D1x, D1h, D1, D2x, D2Xs, D200, D300, D3, D3X, D3S, D2HS, D300S, D700, F5, F6, F100, F90, F90x
Digital Timer Remote Control EZA-N1 For Nikon D2H, D2Hs, D1x, D1h, D1, D2x, D2Xs, D200, D300, D3, D3X, D3S, D2HS, D300S, D700, F5, F6, F100, F90, F90x
This digital timer remote is designed to trigger a camera shutter with regular time intervals, featuring self-timer, interval timer, long-exposure timer, and exposure-count settings. The timer can be set anywhere from 1 second to 99 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds. The buttons can be operated with a single thumb. The LCD panel can also be illuminated. The remote has a stylish and ergonomic design, making it a pleasure to use. It has a super large LCD screen. The shutter release button on the remote is a two-stage button: half-pressing the button will cause the camera to focus, and full-pressing will trigger the camera's shutter. Timer delay: 0s to 99hrs 59min 59s in 1s increments Exposure time: 0s to 99hrs 59min 59s in 1s increments Interval: 0s to 99hrs 59min 59s in 1s increments Power source: Two AAA-type batteries Battery life: Approximately two months of continuous shooting with a delay of 5 min, an exposure time of 4 min 56 s, and an interval of 5 min. Weight: 90g (without batteries) Length of Cord: 90cm Approx Size: 150 X 38 X 15 mm Approx Weight: 72g Battery Type: 2 AAA batteries Approx Cord length: 90cm Delay / Self Timer (DELAY) Just like the self timer on your camera. The TM timer remote switch allows you to set any delay (in 1 second increments) up to 99 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds. BULB/Long Exposure (LONG) It allows you to take time exposures up to 100 hours in length. Interval Timer (INTVL) The Interval Timer can be set to any time period up to 100 hours as well. If you set it to 10 minutes, for example, one exposure will be taken every 10 minutes until either the film runs out or the Exposure Count limit has been reached. Exposure Count (N) This setting permits you to set the number of exposures that will be taken, up to a total 399. Compatible With: Nikon D2H, D2Hs, D1x, D1h, D1, D2x, D2Xs, D200, D300, D3, D3X, D3S, D2HS, D300S, D700, F5, F6, F100, F90, F90x

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PIC24 PTP USB - Digital camera control setup #3
PIC24 PTP USB - Digital camera control setup #3
Ready for the test the complete setup of the portable device "USB PTP/MTP camera controller prototype" we built to control a camera via USB for HDR bracketing, time lapses, etc. Prototype based on PIC24F chip ( Main features: 1)Remote shutter release (momentary switch) 2)Time lapse (variable settings in secs/repeat) 3)IR/Motion detector for shot when an object is in the operative range 4)Sound trigger for shooting as a relevant sound is revealed. 5)Laser beam/Light trigger for shooting as a beam is broken by an object. 6)Shutter speed setting (up to 1/4000) 7)Bracketing control (HDR) 8) Work in progress
Kitchen Sink (mouse over for details)
Kitchen Sink (mouse over for details)
I've been unpacking from my trip to Iceland. I didn't know what to expect so I packed for all situations (mouse over for details). The hard case on the right was purchased right before I left, it's a Pelican 1510 and proved to be the ultimate carry on flight case. Everything pictured fits snugly in the Peli, weight is the only real issue (18.6kg fully loaded). In the hold luggage I packed my carbon fibre Manfrotto tripod, Crumpler photo ruck suck (invaluable) and lots of cables.

remote shutter for nikon
remote shutter for nikon
Brand New Camera IR Wireless Remote Control
Brand New Camera IR Wireless Remote Control This IR Remote Control can trigger your camera shutter from a distance Wireless Remote Control built-in infrared receiver for remote triggering Point at infrared receiver to control trigger within 8 meters Easy to adjust zoom magnification Remote Control powered by a piece of button battery (included) For Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax, Konica or Minolta Cameras Nikon D40 D40X D70S D70 D50 8400 8800 F75 F65 F55 N65 N75 Nuvis S Lite Touch Canon EOS 400D EOS 350D EOS300D EOS30/33/30V EOS 50/55 EOS KISS III EOS kiss IIIL EOS100 EOS 10 EOS 300V EOS 300X 300VQD EOS IX IXS Jr/II/III SURESHOT SURESHOT ELAN 7 Rebel T1 Date Rebel T2 Date Z180U Z155 120 370Z 370Z G6 G5 G3 G2 G1 S70 S60 SII S Pro 1 Pro 90 IS Pentax ist DS2 ist DS ist DL2 ist DL ist D K100 K110 Optio S6/S60 Optio S5z/S5n/S5i Optio S4i/S4 Optio SV/SVi Optio 550/555 Optio 750z Optio 330/430{rs} ist MZ-6 K10 D Sony Konica Minolta Sony a 100 DiMage F100 DiMage F200 DiMage F300 Dynax/Maxxum 5Date Dynax/Maxxum 4Date Dynax/Maxxum 3Date Dynax/Maxxum 40 Riva/Freedom/Capios/Zoom 20 Riva/Freedom/Capios/Zoom 75 w Riva/Freedom/Capios/Zoom 115Date Riva/Freedom/Capios/Zoom 125Date DiMage a200 DiMage S414 DiMage S404 Dynax/Maxxum 50Date Dynax/Maxxum 60Date Dynax/Maxxum 70Date Riva/Freedom/Capios/Zoom 130 Riva/Freedom/Capios/Zoom 140/160(A) Riva/Freedom/Capios/Zoom 150Date