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Used Camera Flash

used camera flash
    camera flash
  • A flash is a device used in photography producing a flash of artificial light (typically 1/1000 to 1/200 of a second) at a color temperature of about 5500 K to help illuminate a scene. A major purpose of a flash is to illuminate a dark scene.
used camera flash - Rotating Flash
Rotating Flash Bracket Grip + I-TTL Off Camera Shoe Flash Cord FOR Nikon D5100 D200 D100 D700 D70S D80 D70 D50 D5000 D3000 D300S D90 D40 D40X D60 D3 D2H D3X D7000 D3100 D5100 DSLR + BP MicroFiber Cleaning Cloth
Rotating Flash Bracket Grip + I-TTL Off Camera Shoe Flash Cord FOR Nikon D5100 D200 D100 D700 D70S D80 D70 D50 D5000 D3000 D300S D90 D40 D40X D60 D3 D2H D3X D7000 D3100 D5100 DSLR + BP MicroFiber Cleaning Cloth
Center your camera on the bracket and attach, like your were mounting your camera on a Tripod.The bracket comes with a universal shoe mount. Loosen the clamping screw shoe, slide flash into mount and tighten snugly. Connect flash to camera with Off-Camera Shoe E-TTL Synch Cord ( included ).For horizontal shooting, the flash arm stays in the down position. The separation between your lens and the flash eliminates red-eye and softens shadows.
For vertical format. rotate the flash arm 180 degrees. The flash will be repositioned to again be centered high above the lens.
Eliminates Red Eye
Effectively eliminates harsh shadows
Light & compact
Good for horizontal or vertical shooting
Works with all flashes
This Off-Camera i-TTL Shoe Cord maintains all on-camera flash functions (including i-TTL) for one Nikon-compatible shoe-mount flash unit used off-camera at distances up to 3'. It is compatible with all Nikon cameras with a standard flash shoe (except for F3), digital or film.
Product Description
Kit Includes:
¦ 1) Vivitar - Digital SLR Flash Bracket
¦ 2) Zeikos - Off-Camera AF TTL Cord For (Nikon)
¦ 3) ButterflyPhoto - ButterflyPhoto Micro Fiber Cleaning Cloth

Key Features
This cable has a 3' heavy-duty coiled cord and features a shoe mount on the bottom of the flash connection shoe, as well as a 1/4"-20 socket.
i-TTL Off-Camera Flash Shoe Cord Coiled Extension Cord
for All Nikon Cameras & Flash Replacement FOR Nikon SC-28

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How camera flash affects the colour of birds...
How camera flash affects the colour of birds...
I've been looking for a Crimson Rosella in the sunlight to compare with the one I posted recently taken using on-camera flash - found this one during this week's outing. On the left is a Rosella illuminated by sunlight, on the right is another one illuminated mostly by flash. The difference is perhaps as surprising (to some of us!) as it is repeatable and something that doesn't seem to get much discussion. Other photos of many parrots including other Crimsons show the same effect. In this bird, greens appear under flash that aren't there with natural lighting, most of the purples disappear, and many other colours have a washed-out muddy look about them. The image generally looks strange. In other parrots some colours appear much brighter and more yellow so it's not always the same effect. Why is it so? I for one don't really know but my current theory is that it's a combination of: a) on-camera flash is highly directional. Some colours in birds such as blue are so-called "structural" colours, meaning that the colour comes from interference effects of the microscopic structure of the feather, rather than from pigmentation. It is possible that structural color responds differently depending on the direction and directionality of its illumination. b) fluorescence may change some colours since camera flash contains more ultraviolet than sunlight. I'm not convinced about its role here though, mostly because it affects more colours than the patches that have been shown to fluoresce on some parrots.
Off Camera Flash Workshop
Off Camera Flash Workshop
Last Friday, October 14th, I attended a workshop put on by the Pacific Photographic Society Meetup Group in San Diego that was about using off camera flash, for Nikon users. We had a very knowledgeable instructor, Patrick O'Brien, who tried to show us the light. One of the participants brought along a portable soft box that we got to play with. I must have taken10 terrible pictures using this soft box, because I didn't understand how to balance the flash against the ambient light. By the end of the evening, it had been explained well enough, that even I, got it. This is the one decent picture I got. My subject is another participant who was gracious enough to act as a model. To summarize what I learned abut off camera flash, "Aperture controls flash output, and shutter speed controls ambient light". I was inspired enough to come home and order a Gary Fong collapsible light modifier to fit on my flash, and the kindle version of The Nikon Creative Lighting System by Mike Hagen. Now all I've got to do is go out and practice.

used camera flash
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