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Royal Oasis Hotel

royal oasis hotel
    oasis hotel
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"Newham Dockside" aka "Building 1000", Royal Albert Dock
"Newham Dockside" aka "Building 1000", Royal Albert Dock
My old workplace; the new one isn’t as interestingly situated. Although I miss the Royal Docks and Newham (and my old colleagues of course) I don’t miss working for the Council. From being almost completely unheard of a few years ago (at one time it started using ‘Newham, London’ as a strap line because most people, even in the capital, didn’t have a clue where it was) it has started gaining a little notoriety and some media attention for its mad mixture of reckless spending and ferocious cuts. The Council has an elected Mayor and is very British in that an English local authority is run by a Scotsman called Wales. Sir Robin (the Queen was bullied into giving him a knighthood by the Blair administration) gets a lot of media stick for the amount of money he spent on the Council’s luxurious new HQ, the building above. One of the most deprived boroughs in the UK could not only afford to spend ?111 million buying the building they also spent over ?18 million giving it, according to a spokesman from Shepperd Robson the firm of interior designers responsible for the redesign, the ‘wow’ factor. The new offices won an award from the British Council for Offices (do these organisations really exist?), the judges calling it “an outstanding transformational workplace.” Critics said the new interior looked more like a 5 star hotel or a West End Night Club than Council Offices. Despite the money lavished on their work environment most council staff were not keen on moving to the new building for the simple reason that it is in the middle of nowhere and is difficult to get to both for them and for the people who are supposed to be their customers, the residents of the Borough. The Council said they didn’t care if their staff had longer journeys to work and the fact that residents would find access difficult was irrelevant as they had no intention of actually letting the grubby people of London’s most deprived borough get into the place; it was to be a back office and strictly off limits to Council Tax payers. Any Newham resident requiring council services who accidentally stumbles across Dockside or is attracted by the fifty foot pink banners across the front and back of the building with the Council’s logo on them are quickly surrounded by security as soon as they make their way through the revolving doors into the atrium. The bedazzled resident will hardly have time to take in the atrium’s marble floors, the hundred foot high ceiling, the costly chandeliers or the palm tree oasis before they are politely redirected to the nearest public access offices in either Beckton or Canning Town (where, needless to say, there are no chandeliers or palm trees).
Puerto Rico Here I Come!!
Puerto Rico Here I Come!!
I will be arriving in Memphis the night before and leaving the next morning and staying for about 5 days. I am all too happy. I am creating my photo set now. I am planning to fill it with many photos from my trip very soon. I will be staying at the Coco Beach - Rio Grande San Juan, Puerto Rico @ Paradisus Resort Local attractions: El Yunque National Rainforest Camuy Caves Museum of Modern Art Bacardi Museum and Factory Old City of San Juan El Morro Hotel overview: Nestled on Puerto Rico's northeastern coast in Coco Beach, Rio Grande, Paradisus Puerto Rico is truly a tropical oasis of elegance and fun. As Puerto Rico's very first and only all-inclusive, resort, Paradisus sets a new standard for comfort, convenience and amenities. A truly beautiful beachfront property highlighted by sophisticated architecture, grand public spaces and every type of leisure facility imaginable. Paradisus Puerto Rico is the perfect place to enjoy a tropical setting that truly inspires relaxation. This unique resort is located minutes away from El Yunque rainforest, approximately 45 minutes from Luis Munoz Marin International Airport and 55 minutes from the historic old San Juan. [this is the first photo in my new set]

royal oasis hotel
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