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Mulberry Inn In Savannah

mulberry inn in savannah
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The Mulberry Inn Savannah Georgia
The Mulberry Inn Savannah Georgia
Listed on the National Register of Historic Hotels of America, it was originally built in the 1860's as a livery stable and cotton warehouse. At the turn of the 20th Century, it was transformed into the first Coca Cola™ franchise bottling facility in America. Today, it serves to offer exemplary lodgings and has been renovated with lovely antiques and heart pine floors.
Mulberry Inn
Mulberry Inn
The Mulberry Inn in Savannah. After finishing his famous "March to the Sea" Union General William T. Sherman stayed in this hotel. While here he wrote his famous "40 Acres & a Mule" speech. This speech promised 40 acres & a mule to each freed slave, a promise that Congress failed to keep.

mulberry inn in savannah
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