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The rapid and continuing growth of heterogeneous data collected from a variety of sources is leading to “zettabytes”  data  explosion across many application domains. Effectively tackling  this data requires  a  quantum  leap in computing  power  and  energy  efficiency. However, the physical scaling limits of CMOS technology make it  no longer able to reduce power consumption in new chips. Also,  the  upcoming  data  explosion  mostly  comprises statistics  gleaned  from  uncertain,  imperfect  real-world  environment. Therefore, given  where  we  are headed, using massive amounts of data to solve complex problems, computing efficiency is an outstanding challenge across high performance computing platforms. This workshop will address energy efficiency as a key bottleneck for effectively achieving the benefits of big data in the real world.

The intent of this workshop is to bring together researchers, practitioners, and scientific communities to discuss energy-efficient computing for big data systems. We invite researchers and practitioners to participate in this workshop to discuss the energy-efficient computing to analyze big data and to share the wide range of applications that would benefit from energy-efficient big data analysis.

Research topics:

    Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

    • Reconfigurable hardware computing for energy-efficient big data analytics
    • Heterogeneous architectures for energy-efficient big data analytics 
    • Energy-efficient emerging technology for big data analytics

    • Emerging computing methodology and algorithms for energy-efficient big data analytics

    • Fault tolerance and reliability in energy-efficient Big Data systems

    • New storage devices for energy-efficient Big Data management

    • In-memory analytics of big data

    • Future datacenters infrastructure to handle big data applications in an energy-efficient way

    Paper Submission

    Please submit a full-length paper (up to 10 page IEEE 2-column format) through the online submission system. 
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    Papers should be formatted to IEEE Computer Society Proceedings Manuscript Formatting Guidelines (see link to "formatting instructions" below). 
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    At least one author of each accepted paper is required to attend the workshop and present the paper. All the accepted papers by the workshops will be included in the Proceedings of the IEEE Big Data 2018 Conference (IEEE BigData 2018) which will be published by IEEE Computer Society.