Diet and Nutrition

Diet and Nutrition therapy is about much more than eating a balanced diet. It is a combination of nutrition science, biochemistry and a holistic approach to promote optimal health and prevent disease.

I work closely with my client by helping them optimise their health by addressing underlying causes rather than just the symptoms.

since everyone's nutritional requirements are unique, I will take a detailed confidential client history include current health issues, diet and lifestyle. we will then work together to design a personalised nutritional programme which will incorporate your likes, dislikes and lifestyle requirements. you'll have support and information which will enable you to make significant and permanent changes to your energy and health.

The information I give you also gives you a better understand of food, portions and health.

what can diet and nutrition therapy do for me -

- increase energy levels

- improve sleep and reducing feelings and symptoms of stress

- losing weight and maintaining weight

- losing weight in a healthy way

- managing an existing condition or symptom

- maintaining or improving existing good health

- avoiding possible future health problems

can it help me?

Nutritional medicine can help people of all ages and can impact on a wide variety of major or minor conditions, symptoms or other health concerns.

- chronic fatigue and loss of energy, such as chronic fatigue syndrome, MS, insomnia

- Digestive problems, such as IBS, constipation, indigestion, flatulence and bloating, crones disease.

- Food allergies and intolerances and their many associated symptoms.

- weight managementsuch as weight gain.

- skin problems, such as eczema, psoriasis, rosacea and acne.

- Cardiovascular problems. such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol.


Back in 2003, I studied Diet and Nutrition after studying massage therapy and I was amazed to learn all about nutrition, a better understanding of food and how to eat differently, I wasn't a big girl at this stage but I managed to loose 2 stone and became healthier and felt so much different in myself, I felt so much better, I had so much energy that I started at the gym and became fitter.

In 2007, my circumstances changed, including becoming pregnant, I didn't have the best pregnancy, but after giving birth, my diet changed and portion sizes grew and basically got myself in bad habits and gained a lot of weight. So much weight that when I went back to work as a therapist, a few years later, I always left off and not really advertised that I did diet and nutrition. I always gave advice out when needed but I left it out as i thought I was being condescending, thinking I'm giving this advice out and I'm not following it myself.

But in October 2016, I was my heaviest and something in my brain just snapped in me, I didn't like how much I suddenly gained and I thought I needed to do something about it, so I got all my old information out about diet and nutrition and re-learned what I already knew.

In just the first 3 months I have lost just under 3 stone (it paused over Christmas due to eating a few more carbs than I was suddenly used too) but after Christmas I carried on and now have lost just over 3 stone and counting.

since losing all that weight and changing my diet to a healthy one, I have felt so much better, much lighter, more energy. I suffered from migraines at least once a month, since giving birth but no more, my mind is much clearer and less tired, no more cravings or period pains, even more happier and positive than I already am. I've noticed a lot of changes.

So that is my story so far and I am ready to put it back on my treatment list, ready to help clients to become more healthier and happier. so give me a call/email to help you have a better understanding of food and loose weight if needed.

Becky :) call or text me on 07711509493 or email me at