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Resources (TEJ2O/TEJ3M)

List web resources related to the class, grouped by category.

For each category, make it a header so it shows up in the table of contents you insert at the top of the document.

At a minimum, include the following categories, with at least 2 resources per category for grade 10, 3 for grade 11, or 4 for grade 12.
  • Arduino Hardware and Programming
  • Computers - General (computer components, pricing, vendors, etc.)
  • Cool Tech Sites (not your assignments, just sites that have cool tech articles)
  • CS Unplugged
  • Electronics (Ohm's Law, definitions, tutorials, etc)
  • Linux & Command Line (grade 11 only)
  • Miscellaneous
    • Mr. Beens' Site including the class homepage, ePortfolio requirements, etc.
    • Class Diigo links
    • Class twitter hashtag link
    • Others?
  • Programming - General
    • challenges?
    • Others?
  • Robotics
    • Reviewed Website?
    • Others?
Links must be embedded in the website title, as is shown in this example: