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Computer Inventory

Include a Table of Contents, like this one (Insert > table of Contents). Format the titles as "Heading (H2)" so they appear automatically in the Table of Contents.


In your own words, describe the process we went through to determine the computer inventory of the school. Your summary should include:
  • the utility software you tested, with links
  • the name of the utility software we ended up purchasing/using, with a link to the website of this software
  • the specific process you went through to inventory your set of computers (thumb drive, saving the file, transferring to computer, updating the spreadsheet)
    • link to spreadsheet
  • the location of hand-in folder files
  • the location of the hand-out folder summary file

Rooms I Inventoried and Maintain

Copy and paste the inventory of the rooms you maintain from Mr. Beens' handout drive report.

Problems I Overcame / Maintenance Log (TEJ3E Only)

These requirements will be brainstormed with the students at a later date.