Wolf Curse Ch. 1

Story #4 

As 13-year-old boy, Matthew Renego, walks out of his house, the wind blows away his baby wolf necklace, which had a wooden carved wolf head at the end, into the air. “Hey! That’s my necklace! Com’ on! Come back here now!” He said as he chased after the necklace. Soon, his baby wolf necklace landed in the lake. Matthew was fatigued and had a slight grimace on his face but he remained with good stamina and was never stationary while he ran after his necklace. “Why in the lake?! I mean com’ on, wolves can’t swim!” Matthew complained, half way trying to be silly. Matthew was to gratified by that necklace, he couldn’t let it sink to the bottom, so he leaped into the lake swimming after his most, most, most, very, very favorite necklace. Once he was under water he yelled “Where is it?!?!?!” And then soon noticing he let out his air. He tried to gasp for air and stopped after half-a-minute, then noticing he was under water where there was barely any oxygen at all. He still couldn’t swim away though, because that necklace was precious to him and his most prized possession. He had to retrieve the baby wolf necklace, it was one of a kind! So, he tried to get it but he wasn’t quick enough and he drowned. But somehow he woke up but he was in the underworld! “What the…? Where am…I?” Matthew said confusedly. “You’re in the underworld, Matthew.” The devil explained. Matthew became incredulous at the sights and sounds of the underworld and was still confused. “So that means I’m…?” Matthew replied. The devil finished Matthew’s sentences. “Yep’.” Matthew needed more information than that. “And this is the…?” The devil continued to finish his sentences. “Yep’.” Matthew still couldn’t understand! “So…that…means you’re…the…?” The devil continued to finish the sentences. “Yep’.” He said. Then, once Matthew thought a little, he remembered his baby wolf necklace. “Mr. Devil, may I ask you a question?” Matthew said in a slightly sophisticated tone. The devil always has conversations with the dead spirits every once-in-a-while, so he continued talking. “Hmm…I guess so. What is it?” The devil accepted. Matthew grew angrier and angrier by the millisecond! “Where is my baby wolf necklace?!?” Matthew screamed with anger, aggravation, rage, and with the loudest, most demanding, and the greatest convincing tone he could reach!!! The devil didn’t pay attention to Matthew’s tone of voice. “What?! You call it a b-baby w-wolf necklace!!! Oh…my…god! I mean, a 13-year-old boy wearing a baby wolf necklace! Com’ on!” The devil chuckled with a loud laugh following. Matthew felt insulted! “So, it has a wolf on it and I got it when I was a baby! So what?!” Matthew said angrily. The devil barely listened because he didn’t care but he still heard Matthew a little bit. “Blah, blah, blah. I don’t care why you call it that, it’s just that “baby wolf necklace” is a stupid name! That’s all.” The devil said rudely. Matthew was still getting angrier! “Where is it?!” Matthew yelled. The devil had to get him to shut up! So, he had to tell him! “Okay, okay I’ll tell you! It’s in the normal world where you can’t go! There I told you! Can I leave now so, you can go to your dead room and live your life in the underworld?” Said the devil. Matthew needed that necklace though! “Well, bring me back to life then, or something!” Matthew demanded. The devil denied. “I’m sorry…well, actually I’m not sorry but I can’t do that.” Told the devil. Matthew didn’t stand back though. “Why not?!” He raged. The devil had another suggestion though. “Well, I could but there are some consequences.” Matthew didn’t care about consequences at all. The only thing he wanted at that time was his baby wolf necklace. “Hmph’. Com’ on give me some consequences, as long as they come with a side order of my baby wolf necklace! Whatever the consequences are just give me my necklace!” Matthew replied. So, the devil had to tell him the consequences. “Okay. I’ll bring you back to life with a couple consequences. But there was a flaw in your last sentence. You’ll have to get the necklace back yourself. Oh yeah and your consequences are you will have to retrieve souls and bring them back here. You’ll know how to do it when you’re alive. But the second consequence is every night at 12:00, you’ll be forced to turn into a wolf and will stay a wolf until 1:00 but you can turn into a wolf any other time and stay a human but can use your wolf abilities.” Said the devil. Matthew didn’t even think those were consequences though. So, the devil zapped Matthew and Matthew woke up in a hospital bed.