Music Box

Story #3

Matthew Geto got a music box for his birthday, Oct. 1st, from his dad. None of his friends were too exited but Matthew just cherished the beautiful tune it played and loved it even more because he had received it from his loving father and also admired it because of the beautiful designs and realistic texture. Mostly because it was from dad. But, oh how much he loved that elegant sound it made, that reminded him of an unimaginable feeling that could never be replaced. The song was a one-of-a-kind song and Matthew felt like receiving the music box at that time was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. About a month after Matthew’s birthday it was Halloween and an unexpected lunar eclipse came and spread dark spirits across the city he lived in. No one knew that had happened yet, though. But soon, before anyone else, Matthew found out. Of course he wanted to stop it then but he couldn’t find out how. Then he found out that when he now wound up the music box it played a short song then opened up. When it opened up there appeared to be an ocarina and whenever he had to catch those dark spirits, a piece of paper was wrapped around the ocarina and it had musical notes on it. Later on that day Matthew found out he had to learn that song on the ocarina, chase down the spirit vulnerable to that song, and play that song to the spirit so that the music paper sucked in the spirit thus, changing the song.