Story #2



Some people say that, in this year of 2022, Matthew Tennant was the creator of today’s technology. As interviewer Casey Connars says “I am sure he is.” Now here is the story of his success. And his success is Techno World.


He first started out as an extraordinary little 10-year-old boy. His first inventions were the multi-sword, which was a small cylinder with a half circle on each end. The multi-sword could do three things. The first thing was to split the top half circle in half to where a thin, samurai sword shaped, laser blade stuck out in between the two halves. The second thing was to close up the half circles to where the cylinder was unseen and it made a full circle and then six robotic claws stuck out of the middle of the circle and made a living spider. The last thing it did was turn into a circle but then many robotic claws stuck out of the top, wrapped around the circle, closed in to make a bigger circle, and then the ball would glow, turn into glowing mist, then the mist would wrap around the user of the ball, then the mist would close in on the user and teleport him or her into Techno World, Matthew’s other invention. In Techno World you have a house, a world to explore, and friends you can talk and play with. Matthew’s Techno-Armor is the color blue and his friend Zach’s Techno-Armor is the color red. A lot of people say that Techno World is the best game they’ve ever played. I know this is only my opinion, but I also love the game! Of course, if Techno World is considered one of the best games ever, there are hackers! Although, once hackers are in the game, their Techno-Armor always turns out the color black. They say the way Matthew gets rid of those pesky hackers is he turns the multi-sword into spider mode, the spider then sneaks up on the hackers, downloads their hack code, and gives the code to Matthew so he can get the reverse code and cast the reverse code on the hacker so that the hacker is locked out for good! But hackers aren’t the only thing you need to get rid of in Techno World. There are also viruses. (Fake viruses of course, because Matthew made Techno World completely virus-proof!) Matthew made Techno World with viruses because he wanted more people to play so he thought of as many personalities as he could and added each into the game play. Matthew still has some secrets in his Techno-House, though. He also has a special form on his multi-sword. First the top half circle splits in half and then the quarter circles turn outwards to where the top of the multi-sword is a flat line. He uses this secret form of the multi-sword with his friend Zach. What he does is goes up to his book case, pulls the biggest book downwards, sticks the end of the special multi-sword form into a hidden slot that’s the shape of the multi-sword’s end, turns it 180 then 90 degrees, and soon the book case splits in half and a door lifts open behind it. Some people think it’s a room for weapon storage, others think it’s a supply room where Matthew puts the components that he uses for his inventions. But it’s actually a fusion chamber. Matthew, in the fusion chamber, fuses with Zach. Their fusion is a man with white hair, eyes, and robe with black foot pads and gloves. His name is Zattach. Wanna know how we found out these secrets? Head reporter Casey Connars, first became friends with Matthew when she was at Disney World and Matthew accidentally knocked over her 5-year-old son’s, Jacky, ice cream. Because Matthew helped Jacky calm down and Jacky wanted to, Casey and Jacky became best friends, and then Casey interviewed Matthew at her house.