Story #1

1,000 years ago, there were 5 magic amulets and 1 sword and this is their story. One day in medieval times, the city of sodan, in the future U.S.A. . . . You see an old shop with a sign that says “Ye old amulet shop”. Inside is a man, leaning on his elbow, with a bored look on his face. “I am so bored! I wonder what I should make now.” said the young shop owner, a sorcerer named Zeke about the age of 15. “I know. I’ll make some amulets of certain types … and I’ll enchant them for their abilities!”Zeke then thought about it. “Oh yeah …” Zeke said with a sigh “I can’t sell them or I’ll get arrested. Well then, I’ll keep them for myself. They should be … flight, secret teleportation, time, trickery, and speed.”Soon he started making the amulets. Flight looked like a star, teleportation looked like a portal, time was a clock, trickery was a card, and speed was a horse’s head. Afterwards Zeke decided to make a sword and on the handle was a mineral called oral. He called it the “oral sword”. That night Zeke was in bed and at exactly 12:00 a meteor crashed directly onto the shop and Zeke diedL . But instead of destroying the amulets and the sword, it spread them across the earth. Surprisingly, flight barely flew when it went to the Sahara dessert and built a golden temple around itself, teleportation went almost fast enough to teleport when it traveled to Asia and was buried, time “literally” flew and landed in a locked up clock tower in Australia, trickery was tricky to find when it landed under a gambling shop somewhere near New York City, NY, and speed made a speedy getaway to the middle of a Japanese racetrack. Although the sword landed in Greece. 1,000 years back in the future it’s April, 26, 2007, the birthday of a boy also named Zeke turning age 15. It was before the party and Zeke is watching TV. “Now here is a classical movie called *drum roll*”announced the TV announcer with a deep voice “*Drum roll continues, dims, and ends* MAGICQUEST!!!” Zeke thought it sounded interesting so he didn’t change the channel. It’s about 30 minutes into the movie and it’s time for the party . Zeke was optimistic about his amazing presents and when it was time for blowing out candles Zeke is still thinking about the fantastic movie he watched called “MAGICQUEST” and when he blew out the candles , he wished his life was like in the movie with the Element Amulets and the Sword of Triumph . Of course he wasn’t optimistic about it coming true because he was 15 , or mostly 14 ½ , but he was wrong  . 2 months later , Zeke tripped on a rock when he was taking a long walk while his family was on a trip to Greece , Europe . “Oh … my … god !”Zeke said with a stunned look on his face “What … the … heck … is this ?!?”It appeared that there was a sword with a scroll around it that told Zeke to look for the flight , teleportation , time , trickery , and speed amulets and soon Zeke’s adventure began !