The Bangladesh Nanotechnology Society (BNS) is a non-profit organization with the goals to encourage scientific research and business development in the areas of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology for the benefit of society. The Society is aiming to bring friendship, equality and cooperation amongst its members nationally and internationally. As a premier organization, BNS is working to get affiliation and association with other internationally reputed organizations worldwide.

The BNS organizes various regional meetings and an international congress for bringing clarity and focus to the scientific research, product development, intellectual property and technology transfer, research collaboration, venture capital investment, safety, regulation, ethics, environmental and societal aspects of Nanotechnology the Internationally You are invited to apply for membership in BNS.

  • The most significant benefit is to access to important ideas and networking with eminent scientists and business executives in the field of Nanotechnology. The International Association of Nanotechnology and its affiliated organizations enable you to build a network of relationship around the world. Relationship that will promote new ideas, new friendship and open new opportunities for you.
  • As a member you will be entitled to member discount when you register at the annual meeting of the International Congress of Nanotechnology and other conferences and meeting organized by BNS and affiliate partners
  • As a member you will not only enjoy instant access to free Nanotech Newsletters, but you can receive significant discount on books, journals, and other publications.
  • Regardless of your specialty, there simply is no better way to signify your position within the profession than by adding this designation “Member of the Bangladesh Nanotechnology Society” to your list of credentials.