About Organizer

Name                                  : Md. Rafiqul Islam, Newton

Father’s Name                   : Late Moulavi Advocate Rajab Ali, L.LB, Calcutta University.

                                             Chairman (Ex), Pabna Pouroshova.

Mother’s Name                    : Late Mrs. Hafiza Khatun.

Date of Birth                      : 30th June1958.

Blood Group                       : AB+               Height: 5 `11``   Weight: 73 KG.

Educational Qualification  :.

                                             Doctorate Degree in Martial Arts. From International     ]

                                             Martial Art Research Institute ,Kuching, Sararawak,

                                             Malaysia on 27th July, 2008.


Office Address                    Bangladesh Karate Association.                                                     

                                             Flat –A, Asano Rahman Tower, 35/F/6,North Shaymoli,

                                             P.S. Sher E Bangla  Dhaka-1207. Bangladesh.

                                             Mobile: +88 01917-009870, +88 011 97 31 25 48

                                             E-mail: newton_042000@yahoo.com

Nationality:                          Bangladeshi by birth.

National ID No.                  : 2696406687061    

Religious                            : Muslim (Sunni),

Profession                         : 1. National Karate Coach cum Organizer,

                                           : 2. Karate Teacher, Hardco International School & College

                                             3. Business. Partner of Western City Multi purpose

                                                 Co-operative Society. Dhaka.

Experience in the filed of

Martial Art’s.                    : Started Karate from 1974 at Bangladesh judo &

                                             Karate Federation, at National  Sports Council. Dhaka.


                                                        Participated as a Player:

  1. Participated as a player at The Inter Club Karate Championship-77 and won karate gold medal from “A” group held at Dhaka  in December-1977.
  2. Participated as a player at The Budokan International Karate (Open) Championship-November 1980 Hyderabad, India and won silver Medal among 14 countries.

Belt Awarded:

      1.   Received Black Belt, from Grand Master of Myanmar Mr. Khin Maung Gyi of

            Nagamin Martial Art’s Center at Dhaka, in December 1978.


  1. Received a specialized training under the special supervision from Grand Master of Pakistan Mr. M. A. Tai at the Tai’s Bando Karate Judo Art center, K.G.A. Gymkhana, Zinnah Road, Karachi-3, Pakistan and received first International Karate Black-Belt, 1st Dan   as a first Bangladeshi in December 1979.


  1. Received Black Belt, 2nd Dan in Budokan style after take intensive training from International Grand Master of Karate Budokan International (KBI) Mr. Chew Choo Soot, Black-Belt, 8th Dan (Red Belt), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


  1. Received Black Belt, 3rd Dan in Shito-Ryu style after performing a special training under Shihan Chang Chung-Fu in Hong Kong Certificate issued from The World Shito-Ryu Karate Federation, in Osaka, Japan-1993.


  1. Received Black Belt, 4th Dan in Shito-Ryu Style from the World Martial Art’s Instructor’s Federation in October 1995 in Las vegus, U.S.A.


  1. Received Black-Belt, 4th Dan in Shito-Ryu after take a month long specialized training from Shihan Naser S.Anwar, Black-Belt, 8th Dan Chief Instructor of Asian Shito-Ryu Karate Federation, certificate issued by Malaysian Association of Shito-Ryu Karate Do in May 2000,Kuala- Lumpur, Malaysia.


  1. Obtained National Black Belt, 5th Dan on October 23, 2001 from Bangladesh Karate Federation.
  2. Obtained Black Belt, 5th Dan from World Karate Do Federation (WKF) on December 10, 2006 in Finland at the time of The 18th World Karate Championship-2006.


  1. Received Black Belt, 6th Dan from World Union Of Karate Do Federation  on 21st June 2007 in Valencia, Spain at the time of The 2nd World Karate Championship-2007 which was organized by the WUKF.


  1. Received Black-Belt, 7th Dan from Grand Master A.B.Z. Nayin Posting , in Upokan Style, on 5th June, 2008 at National Sport Council. Gymnasium, Dhaka.





Karate Activities( In Brief).


  1. Delegated and participated at The 6th Asian SKF’s Championship-1991 December-1991 Kathmandu, Nepal.
  2. Delegated & Participated at the Invitational Karate Championship-1992 and conducted tournament as an International judge held in June, Nepal.
  3. Invited from South Asian Karate Association (SAKA) at The 4th All India

      National Karate Championship-1992 was held in Sher-Shah   Stadium, Rachi,    

      Bihar, India as Chief Guest and distributed prizes among the winners.

  1. Delegated & participated at The Prime Minister (B.P.) Memorial International Invitational Karate Championship -1993 and conducted the tournament as an International Referee which was organized by Nepal Karate Federation.
  2. Delegated and participated at The Open International Kick-boxing Karate Championship-1974 in May 1994 in Nepal.
  3. Delegated and participated at The 7th Asian Shito-Ryu Karate Do Championship-1994 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in August 1994.
  4. Participated at The First Asian Shito-ryu Karate Seminar-1995 in June 1995 in Singapore.
  5. Received “Madam G.T. Chang Memorial Award-1996 from Karate Budokan International issued by All India Budokan Karate Federation in February 1996.
  6. Delegated and participated at the 8th World Kuoshu Championship-1996 was held  in November 1996,Taipei, Taiwan. R.O.C.
  7. Participated at the 2nd Shito-Ryu Karate Do Seminar-1997 jointly organized by Asian Shito-Ryu Karate Do Federation and World Shito-Ryu Karate Do Federation, August 1997 in Singapore.
  8. Delegated and participated at the Inter School Jitsu Kan Karate Tournament-1997 held in March 1997 in Nashik, Mumbay India as a chief judge.
  9. Participated at The South Asian Wushu judges/Coaches Course-1997 in May 1997 in Kathmandu, Nepal and received DIPLOMA from Wushu Federation of Asia.
  10. Delegated and Participated at The 12th National Chung Chang Cup of Chinese Kuoshu Championship-98 in March 1998 at I-LAN Country, Taiwan R.O.C. and received GOLD Medal (Kuoshu Logo) International honor as a Martial Art’s Best organizer from the International Chinese Kuoshu Federation.
  11. Delegated and participated at The Malaysian Sarawak International Nanyang Wushu and Golden Lion Dance Mellinnium Festival 2000, in July 2000, Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.
  12. Participated at the 7th Bangladesh Games –2002 as a seminar Instructor at NSC Gymnasium, Dhaka, Bangladesh.
  13. Participated at the 17th National Karate Championship-2003 as a Seminar Instructor was held in Shahid Sarwardi Indoor stadium, Mirpur-10 Dhaka on 3 August 2003.


17    articipated at the 10th International High School Karate and Kick Boxing Championship, Kathmandu, Nepal as a delegation leader from 27th –30th May 2004, which was organized by Nepal Karate Federation.

      18.Participated at the 1st Nepal-Bangladesh-India International Friendship Karate   

          Tournament as Chief Coach held from 14th –16th August 2004 at Salt Lack

          Stadium, Kolkata, which was organized by Kolkata Gojukai Karate Club, West Bengal, India.

  1. Participated at the Karate Referring Seminar on the occasion of the Tommy Morris Cup 2004 Karate Championship was held at the Sports Council of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 31st August 2004 which was organized by Malaysian Karate Federation and seminar conducted by pioneer of WKF rules MR. Tomy Morris, Chairman of the Referee Council of World Karate Federation.
  2. Delegated and Participated as special Guest and kata judge at the 2nd Sukokai Goodwill Karate-Do Championship-2005 held on 27th November 2005 at Sugathadasa Indoor Stadium, Colombo, Sri Lanka and received a special award Sukokai Medal Title.
  3.  Participated in the Karate kata Seminar-2007 conducted by Hanshi Toshihiko Imanishi, Black Belt, 9th Dan and Sensei Kenji Kitamura of Shito kai of Japan on 20th May 2006 in Sabah, Malaysia.


  1. Participated as a Government delegated for conduct The SA Games Karate Competition at The 10th South Asian Games Colombo-2006 as a member of Jury and received a special Honorable  crest from SAF Games which is the  highest official games in the sub continent.
  2. Participated as a special coach and team Manager of National Karate Team at the 18th World Senior Karate Championship- October 18-20,2006 which was organized by World Karate Federation (WKF), in Tempore, Finland.


  1. Delegated and Participated as special guest at the 2nd Korea International Karate Open Championship-2006 November 11-13, 2006 held in Busan, Korea &  distributed prizes among the winners. The championship organized by the Korea Karate Do Federation.
  2. Participated at the Karate Instructor’s Seminar and Examination-2007 and received an International Karate Instructor’s License which was organized by the Malaysian Association of Shito-Ryu Karate Do.
  3. Delegated and Participated at the 2nd World Karate Championship-2007 and received International Referee License on 20-24th June 2007 which was organized by the World Union Of Karate- Do-Organization (WUKO), Valencia, Spain.



  1. Received Black Belt Hall Of Fame -2008 Award from International Martial Art Research Institute, Kuching, Sarawak  Malaysia on 26 & 27th July, 2008.


  1. Delegated and Participated at the 5th International Korea Karate Championship-2008 was held on 28th September, 2008 in Busan , Korea.


  1. Delegated and participated at the 12th World Koushu Championship-2009 was held on 20th March 2009 in Taiwan, R.O.C.


30    Delegated and participated at the 5th International Zamin Cup and Training Seminar -2009 was held on 24-29th December, 2009 in Tehran, I.R, Iran. 


31    Convener, Karate Coach  & Technical Delegate which appointed by Bangladesh Olympic Association (BOA)  of The 11th SA Karate Games-2010 was held in Shahid Sarwardi Indoor Stadium, Mirpur-10, Dhaka, Bangladesh  on 7-9th February,  2010 and Bangladesh Karate Team became Champion among South Asian Countries  with  received 4 Gold Medal. And one silver and 3 bronze Medal. 


Organizational Activities


1. Chief Instructor             : Bangladesh Dragon Karate Association.

                                            (Recognized by Social Welfare and Youth and Sports Department,     

                                                     People’s Republic  of Bangladesh.  Estd. on April 12,1978).

2. President                        : Bangladesh Karate Association. (Estd. 1980).

                                                     (Affiliated by World Union Of Karate Do Organization, WUKO).

3. General Secretary         : Bangladesh Association Of Shito-Ryu Karate Do (Estd.1995).

                                           (Affiliated by Malaysian Association Of Shito-ryu Karate Do, MASK).

4.Country Representative: Bangladesh Goshin-Ryu Karate Association. (Estd.2004).

                                                    (Affiliated by World Goshin Ryu Karate Federation).

5. Joint Secretary             : Bangladesh Karate Federation.(Since 2006- 2010-).

                                                   (Recognized  by : AKF, WKF, Bangladesh Olympic Association, NSC        

                                                    and Under The Ministry of Sports, People's  Republic of  Bangladesh.                                                             

6.  Vice President:                    : Bangladesh Martial  Arts Confederation (Affiliated with NSC)           

7. Member                                : Sabah Wushu Association.

8. Associate Member       : International Martial Art's Research Institute. Malaysia.

9. President                      : Bangladesh Shito Ryu Shukokai Karate do Union.Japan.

10. President                 : Bangladesh Chinese Koushu Federation. Taipei ,Taiwan, R.O.C.                                  


Creative Works:


1.Edited Souvenir & Magazine: 1. Souvenir Published on the occasion of  The 7, 9, & 10

                                                        All Bangladesh Dragon Karate

                                                        Championships.(Published By Bangladesh Dragon

                                                        Karate Association)


                                                   2. The 18th National Karate Chaqmpionship-2007

                                                      (Published by Bangladesh Karate Federation)

                                                   3. "Karate Today"  Monthly Martial Art's Magazine.


2. Author                 : The Complete Book for Black Belt ( Under Print)


3. TV Program        :Introduced many Martial Art's Program on Self Defense, Karate

                                  Demonstration and  Yoga, at the Bangladesh National TV (BTV).

4. Film Director      : Worked as a fighting Director at the "Super Star: Bengali Film.


5. CD Video           : For Shito-Ryu Black Belt Kata (Form) with Bunkai, Single & Team.


6. Interview      With ATN Bangla, N, TV. and other private Channel.


Personal Achievement


Introduced Martial Art’s as a modern self defense sport at the Schools, Colleges and Universities (Dhaka University, Dhaka Engineering University, Jahangir Nagar University, Rajshhi University, Mymensing Agriculture University etc) and Districts level, Bangladesh Ansar and many other Institutions, social and sports organizations in all over the country and introduced Bando, Budokan, Kick Boxing, Shito-Ryu, WUKO, WKF, ITKF, Kuoshu, Goshin Ryu and other modern style of the Martial Art’s for the first time in Bangladesh.

He has duly organized more than 500 Local, National and International Karate programs and kept special contribution towards formation Bangladesh Karate Federation, Bangladesh Tai Kwon Do Federation, Bangladesh Martial Arts Confederation,  and included sports karate as an event in SAF Games which highest official Game in South Asian region.

He completed a thesis on Importance to learn self defense techniques for women in Bangladesh and received Doctorate Degree from International Martial arts Research Institute for the first time in South Asian region.  He also achieved many local and International award, title from Martial arts world.


Shihan Md. Rafiqul Islam profile printed in the Martial Art’s personalities of the World Book (The Martial Art’s book of Record for individual achievement), which edited by Prof. Dr. Song Swee Hee, PhD.


Shihan Newton  participated at the World Martial art Black Belt Hall OF Fame-2008 which was held in Sarawak Kuching, Malaysia on 27th July,2008 and received Doctorate of Martial Arts (Ph.D.) Degree. His thesis on “The Importance to learn self Defense Techniques for Women in   Bangladesh”.


He appointed as convener, Coach and Technical Delegate for  The 11th SA Karate Games-2010 on 7-9th February, 2010 and Bangladesh Karate Team Became Champion in Karate among South Asian Countries official Games. Bangladesh Karate Team received 4 gold Medal. It is highest medal from any discipline of any official game for Bangladesh.