7. Student Blogs

Set up a Blog for your Business Research and Internet activities
We be using this Blog again for other lab activities. It will be your electronic portfolio that will be evidence of your work. You will be making entries during class lab time as well as homework.

Create your Business Blog using: Google or First Class Chatt
Google Blogger
Using your gmail account create a Business blog using Blogger. - choose appropriate name back ground etc.

Blog Activity #1  Feb 2013
Business Trends Articles and Opportunities for Entrepreneurs

Post 1 entry that summarize the recent news articles you found about current trends and opportunities for new businesses.
-choose a suitable title for your post
-with in the post include Name of the article,original source, and date
-1-2 pargraph summary of what the article is about (full sentences)
-Your opinion about:
What is the trend? 
How is this trend changing society/ how is it affecting Businesses?
Identify opportunities that this can create for Entrepreneurs.
Provide examples of Canadian Companies and their products, services that are taking advantage of this trend.
Include your predictions and opinions, ie will this trend continue? is it just a fad? do you expect it to Increase? Decline? Why?

Post an additional entry that lists reliable sources of where you can find information about business trends for new entrepreneurs. (focus on Canadian -small business opportunities for youth with current sites choices)

-list 2-3 the sources 
-Explain why you selected each
-provide one example from each source on what trend and opportunity you found out about.

Blog Activity #2 Trend Hunters -Top 20 trends for 2013 (Mar 2013)
Recall the video watched in class and focus on one trend # as assigned.

YouTube Video

Use Trend Hunter website to research more about your selected trend.
Create a Blog entry that
1. Identifies and describes the trend in your own words.
2. Find an interesting example that illustrates this trend.
3. State your opinion about this trend
4. Ask 1-2 questions for your Blog readers to comment on this trend
5. List your sources and edit fonts so that it is clear what is your writing and what is referenced text.
A teacher example is provided here

Blog Activity #3 Franchise Opportunities (Mar 2013)

Use this link or other sources to explor Current Franchise opportunities
Create a Google presentation with 2  Franchise opportunities of interest.
Include:The company name and logo, cost of franchise, what the franchisor provides.
Add your opinion about why you think that Franchise would be a good business for our community at this time.
Include sources used.
Once your Google presentation is completed, share so anyone with the link can view.
Then embed the presentation in your blog.

Blog Activity #4 Totally Absurd Products ( April 2)
Create a Product, good, service that will fail.
Entrepreneurs are challenged to come up with new ideas and be creative.
Some times the creativity works and some times it fails.

Check out the following web sites and find several ideas for new products and inventions. 
When you look at the inventions think about:
Could these ideas work with minor changes to any of the 4 P’s (product, price, promotion, place)?
Are these ideas really good ideas that have gone wrong?
Could these ideas just be really silly and useless?


1. View several of the inventions and select:

Top 2 - Best inventions - most likely to succeed.
Middle 2- Inventions- that given a change in: Product, Pricing, IPromotion, or distribution could be successful.
Bottom 2 - Worst Inventions - most likely to fail.

2. Make a  "Post" on your Business blog for each of your selections above.
Include a link and/or photo along with the reasons for your selections.

3. Challenge-  working on your own or with one partner: (April 2)
Create a Product, Good, Service that will fail in the marketplace.

Many new products fail at first but then can be modified to actually work. Failure is a valuable learning tool and that many great ideas are born from the experience of failure are well on the road to success.  Often we suffer from stagnant practicality and from the pressure to succeed. This approach makes it okay to fail, and rewards the student who identifies a marketing mix that supports a useless idea and knows exactly what he is doing. 

You must truly understand your subject to succeed at this PROJECT TO FAIL! 
You will need to search for information on “creating a successful new product” and “why new products fail” as additional background research.

Create a drawing of your product and report on the 4-p"s and 2C's of this product. 
4-p's = Product, price, promotion, place (distribution)
2-c's = Customer -target market, and Competition.
Include a paragraph of why this product would fail and why it goes against marketing principals. 
Site your sources of information. 

#5 Inspirational Ideas for Entrepreneurs. (April 8)

Create a new blog posting that illustrates a few inspirational business ideas that relate to your hobbies or areas of interest. 
Include a link to the sources, 
Your opinion and why you found this interesting.
Photo or video.
You can make several blog posts if you find more that one idea.
Here is an example posting.