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BDC++ B12 Binary [Old]

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Coming Soon - AeBDC++ 0.10

AeBDC++ Binary 0.10

AeBDC++ Source 0.10

Update - January 23rd 2010

Yeah it's been a while frought with a lot of bumps... officially BDC++ is dead (big surprise huh) but on the up and up KyoujinDC++ 0.42 is alive and well check it out

Update - May 22nd 2008

Wow been gone a while heh heh but soon a surprise will be coming ;-) AeBDC++ | Aegis BDC++ 0.10 [Gold] - also will post the changelog for this version and maybe a mini little story about what Aegis is and how the name came about

Update - June 21st 2007

Sorry for the away time but i been busy with life and what not so yeah catch you guys later ~ iceman50

Update - April 22nd 2007

Big thanks to Ketsuron for giving me some file hosting and making the Hash sums for the archives thanks for helping! (mirrors to the left)... You can visit the site here.

Update - April 17th 2007

DC++ 0.6991 (my mod) to fix Exploit Bug)

News - May 10th 2006

New Website, Old Website and Forum are gone for good 

Updated to build 40 Some Minor Changes and Fixes