Audio Recordings

Many of our phone workshops are recorded, at least in part.  Here are instructions for accessing the recorded portion of the workshops:

1)  Call (605) 475-4799
2)  Enter Access code: 391585 followed by #
3)  Enter Reference Number: (see below) followed by # -- or simply press # to hear the most recent recording

The following recordings are available, listed by Reference Number: 
1.  Back to Basics, a phone workshop with Wally P, February 2013
2.  We Experience a Newfound Hope, a phone workshop, May 2014
3.  Amazing Grace: How Working the 12 Steps of D.A. Saved My Life, June 2014
4.  Sponsorship and D.A.'s Statement of Purpose, December 2014
5.  A Brief History of Debtors Anonymous: What We Can Learn from the D.A. Pioneers and Their Careful Choice of Words, February 2015

The next several recordings are all part of the Solvent Saturdays series of telephone workshops, listed by Reference Number: 
6.  Step One: D.A.'s First Spiritual Challenge, April 18, 2015  Listen to Step 1
(The Step Two workshop was not recorded by phone, so it has no reference number.  Step Two is only accessible electronically) Step Two: What's It Like to be Sane With Money? Listen to Step 2
7.  Step Three: Building a Partnership, May 30, 2015 Listen to Step 3
8.  Step Four: A Life of Integrity, June 13, 2015
9.  Step Five: Walking Hand in Hand with the Spirit of the Universe, June 27, 2015 
10.  Step Six: Entirely and All, July 11, 2015
11.  Step Seven: Humility -- The Nourishing Ingredient, August 22, 2015
12.  Step Eight: Amending My Attitude, September 26, 2015
13.  Step Nine: The Relief Step, October 17, 2015
14.  Step Ten: Throwing the Book at our Character Defects, April 24, 2016
15.  Step Eleven: Writing Letters to God, May 22, 2016
16.  Step Twelve: Gratitude Transformed Into Service, November 5, 2017
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