The first International Workshop on Big Data: Applications and Methods (BDAM-2014) is dedicated to the applications of, and the theories and practices for capturing, integrating, analyzing, mining, exploiting and visualizing complex and large-scale data in a meaningful manner for the benefit of an enquiry.

Data-intensive computing is now starting to be considered as the fourth paradigm for science. This is due to a massive expansion in the volume and complexity of data in more and more application areas, such as biosciences, healthcare, transportation, public utilities and scientific computing. Structured and unstructured data travel along a wide spectrum of domains such as Web, social networks, Cloud, mobile devices, sensor networks and so on. Thus, storing, sharing, disseminating and analyzing large data sets have become a critical issue despite the deployment of high performance distributed network infrastructures. A such evolution towards a data-centric digital society requires a new class of systems for the development of both new applications for Big Data scenarios and new technologies, solutions and services for Big Data management.

BDAM-2014 aims to bring together people from both academia and industry for original discussion and to prompt future directions in the development of new strategies for Big Data. 

BDAM-2014 runs in conjunction with the 5th International Conference on Ambient Systems, Networks and Technologies (ANT-2014)