BookCrosser Exchange is dedicated to sending BookCrossers around the world to visit other BookCrossers, groups and conventions.
We are powered by friendship, generous hearts, and that quirky kind of spirit that thinks, "Hey, what will happen if I leave a copy of 'On the Road' at a bus terminal?'
Well, we've taken this one step further down the road, and we're sending people off on adventures. What kind of magic, what kind of electricity, what kind of joy happens?
Our first project was to send FutureCat and Teotakuu from New Zealand to the 2008 BookCrossing Anniversary convention in London. This was a stunning success, with both travellers going around the world before and after the convention, meeting BookCrossers far and wide.
Our next project was to bring Moem to the 2009 Convention in Christchurch. This was a big task, but we made this both fun and achievable.
Our latest project is to bring Melydia and Crrcookie to the Amsterdam Convention in 2010.