Loertscher Bootcamp 2012

Moving the Learning Commons to the Center of Teaching and Learning

Creating the Virtual Learning Commons

  • What is a Learning Commons and a Virtual Learning Commons?


Construction Zone
  • Pull up the template for the VLC at: https://sites.google.com/site/templatevlc
  • The Structure of the VLC
  • Ideas, ideas, ideas
  • Using this template and workshop as a sandbox to experiment with your iTeam
  • Challenges
  • So What?  What's Next?

  • Loertscher, David V, Carol Koechlin and Esther Rosenfeld. The Virtual Learning Commons.  Learning Commons Press, 2012. Order from: http://lmcsource.com
Knowledge Building and the Common Core

  • What is a Knowledge Building Center and how does it fit into the idea of a Learning Commons both in the physical facility and in the Virtual Learning Commons?

KBC Construction Zone - Pull Down a Template

Sample KBC

Let's Practice

Try a Book2Cloud

Develop a Personal Learning Environment and Teach to Kids and adults
  • Build your own portal to the Internet
  • Build a personal learning network
  • Build your own private and public portfolio
Tools to build your personal learning environment: