BCST 136: Video for the web - Fall 2016 information page

This webpage provides introductory information about BCST 136: Video for the Web - CRN #74269      Instructor:  Misha Antonich

This is a short-term (6-week), 1-unit class offered ONLINE by City College of San Francisco using Insight  (CCSF's Learning Management System).

As the catalog description states: "A hands-on class focusing on technical considerations and content issues required to produce and deliver video content over the Internet. History of video delivery technology and its impact on traditional broadcast media." 

The focus is to produce and deliver video content via the web - using your own computer and video/still camera/smart phone equipment - so make sure that you have access to these.   The course begins on November 8th, 2016 and ends the week of December 16th, 2016. This is to give you ample time to engage in the prerequisite courses BCST119 and BCST135 should you choose to take BCST119 concurrently.

On the first class day (11/08/16) you absolutely need to log in to Insight and if you have registered for the course, you will see the course listed in the left navigation column under My Courses. If you wish to ADD the class after the semester begins, please contact me by email (below).


A. Describe and analyze the process involved in creating video for the web 

B. Describe and analyze technology and skills required for delivery of video content over the Internet. 

C. Discuss, evaluate, and analyze implications of video on the Internet on traditional broadcast media. 

D. Describe and demonstrate digital video recording, editing and compression formats used for the web. 

E. Plan and organize an online video channel with a coherent theme. 

F. Plan and produce periodic episodes of video content. 

G. Research, review, and evaluate the digital files required for delivery of video over the Internet. 

H. Describe and analyze online video production workflow. 

I. Define terms and protocols used in video on the web including streaming, on-demand, compression, and Internet servers.

If you'd like to get a head-start to understand what this course entails, try checking out these previous BCST 136 videos on YouTube:  

Link 1

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And for further thought development, check out this Wiki on the term "Transmedia".


  1. BCST 136 uses CCSF's Learning Management System, Insight. It's very important to sign into Insight and do the first week's assignment once the course opens on November 08, 2016
  2. If you don't sign in during that week, you may be dropped from the course. 
  3. Log in and password information will go to your CCSFmail account on or before that day. 
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Contact the instructor:  Misha Antonich  415-452-5686 (office phone)  

mantonic@ccsf.edu or mishavideo@gmail.com