BC Place Roof Collapse 

Why did the roof collapse? 

Oh BC Place...why oh why.  You were a great home to many an event.

The first I heard about the BC Place roof collapse was at the onlinepokerconsulting.com website. 


It seems as though the roof reached critical mass when 15 tons of snow fell on it in a 1 hour period.  A record for Vancouver and for BC.  Oh well.  The canucks will still win. 


B.C. Place Covered Stadium

Studio Phillips Barrett, Architect
Geiger-Berger, Engineer
???, Client

Teflon-coated Fiberglas air-supported roof supported by
steel cables and concrete/steel perimeter compression ring
Span: 195m x 236m
Capacity: 60,000 seats; exhibitions, sports, conventions
Cost: $111.4 million Canadian