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OOB. aka Out Of Box
doesn't allow tweaking , thus the debian installer will get a horrid review for failing to accomodate my proprietary wireless chipset . This affects sidux , among others , and , in fairness , not really the fault of the distro. . Pity the maker chose hardware difficult for linux to support .

DEPENDENT EVENTS never get modeled as independent events unless one WANTS to crash the worlds economy , a knowledge requirement in my religion .
RELIGION ; we used to say that it's ok. he drank too much before doing it , we may stop saying that about religion . Specifically , we must inflict the maximum punishment for religion motivated crimes . Or religion = attempts at Unified Field Theory before understanding particle physics . More elaborately , ' a response to the sacred ' .
TRUTH , see bottom for quote .
E-PRIME = an efficient English variant where the verb = = eliminated in favor of more active verbs. vs
EBONICS uses be as a substitute for the verb =.
=BONICS, I'm writing in it now or I= writing in it now, demonstrates the transition to E-Prime by retaining = as a [contractions allowed ] or the [ contractions not allowed ] version of the verb = . Mostly Black Private Schools like E-Prime because it really = more efficient . Witness the many languages lacking the verb = until American 'English' finds and pollutes their culture.
LATIN VULGATE generates the languages Spanish, French etc. English and Esperanto efficiently dump most of the different verb forms or at least dump some irregularity.
FAME , "Invent a great saying & your name will live forever" , -- Anonymous!
 CONSILIENCE we need to do this in education as we can't afford to teach everything .  I recommend transfering into a discussion of the yard sale economy at the end of studying the gas law by showing how the change to reassign only the total energy of the lower energy particle in a collision leads to inevitable collapse .  Reduce the use of the verb can to ability only , to avoid undermining other subjects like math " physician do no harm " .
HIGH SELF ESTEEM = bad ! & ' HOPED TO SEE MORE EFFORT ' = magic phrase about schoolwork etc. .
ESTROGEN, The bodies of female Homo Sapiens Sapiens who indulge in nutrition make too much of this. Thus , according to recent research 2007.10.11, those attractive women need to get pregnant before age 25; OR they face extra risk of breast cancer from all that estrogen. A 2nd pregnancy = recommended to give the body another vacation away from all that estrogen. I recommend 24 mo.s of lactation too. Since the man's brain evolved next to her body it receives the signal ~ "fill my womb immediately" on sight of her 2ndary characteristics even if her brain resists . Recent research confirms my expectations formed from evolution theory again .
TESTOSTERONE , poisons men's brains such that they tend to do crimes etc.
HARSH ENVIRONMENT , thats why Female Bodies walk the dangerous line between estrogen induced cancer and malnutrition or a lack of success in ' marriage markets ' .
EYES , creationists used to say god must exist because eyes are too complicated for evolution. But 'evolutionists' proved even more complex things can reasonably evolve.
TAMPER EVIDENT SEAL , I have trouble explaining how that evolved on the human body so maybe god exists but shrunken down to that one body part? Except that its to her advantage to look un-tampered.
ECONOMICS , how rich people justify oppressing poor people . Alternatively ,
ECONOMISTS , disgusting whores who give the lovely ladies of the evening a bad name by lying to oppress poor people for rich people.
PROSTITUTION , the first thing female Capuchin Monkeys do after experimenters introduce a system of monetary coinage.
CAPITALIST COLLAPSE , thats why young men get extra testosterone to induce risk taking behavior. Women prefer men who will make superior resources available to her children. It's more evident when one remembers that the poorly regulated markets of the ancient world include polygyny. By studying the gas law [ which collapses when we change the random assignment of all collision energy to assign up to the smaller energy - thus modeling the yard sale economy ] we know its not just Marx, the founder of MARXISM , an excuse to implement
STALINISM , a brutal dictatorship named after an abused child; who used the communist idea of a 'dictatorship of the proletariat' to justify his/its crimes vs humanity.
JUNK , things other people confuse with your stuff.
STUFF , things other people confuse for junk.
GENOCIDE " an attempt to eliminate an ethnicity "
PATENTS , how lawyers tax innovation out of everyone ; possibly once useful .
Gore-Tex® PACLITE® work wonders ; but , you may need to get over 30% X-static® to get the full benefits [ 8% = enough usually ] . ttp:// gives some brief summaries , for detail as of 2010 , wonk through the links here Outdoor Clothing and Footwear  .
TERNARY , there = 1 0 kinds of people in the world; those who know what ternary = , those who can't care & those who = reaching for their dictionaries.
BINARY: there = 2 kinds of people in the world, starting with those who believe there = two kinds of people in the world.
FREE SOFTWARE , nobody has incentive to make it work right.
PAY SOFTWARE , providers have incentive to sabotage it.
AMPHETAMINES , something US soldiers occasionally get ordered to use but casual use = illegal.
HONORARIA , how 'law firms' pay back judges for weird rulings that create many billable hours, research confirms game theory in U.S.A.
VOTE COUNTING Algorithms, go to the MAMcalc site & look around. This approach meets both Condorcet criteria & Immunity from Majority Complaint , using first - past - post voting in the USA = continuing disaster. Given the definitions, Dodgson should work great [ most accurate by definition ] but calculating it gets difficult and it does not evaluate well [ crappy vs strategizing too ] . Look out, even the wiki entries have some glaring errors on this subject.
RANDOM BALLOT TIEBREAKER = great defense vs strategy.
REDISTRICTING , just use the algorithm from an issue of Dr. Dobbs Software Magazine.
FIRST PAST POST stinks as a vote method when # of candidates exceeds 2. [ The USA uses even worse methods to count votes ]
SINGLE TRANSFERABLE VOTE mimics first past post elections with progressively fewer candidates until a "majority" emerges. Much less accurate vs
CONDORCET VOTE COUNTING METHODS because they mimic a series of first past post elections with only 2 candidates per election, the only scenario where First Past Post gives accurate results.
TRUTHINESS, used to mean the better approximation of truth. I rarely used it until The Colbert Report reversed it to designate what someone feels the truth should =. The U.S.A. fell so far from honesty in it's habits that we need this!
THE VERB MAY exists , don't use the verb can as a substitute word beyond its generalized meaning of ability. Standardized tests constructed by dolts who fail to make this distinction spread the error ; disastrous according to the part of the laws of physics called information theory : especially when they fail to handle the suffix ", solely in that you're physically able" correctly. Also see .
CAN , a verb known to exist meaning ' knew ' in the english language since a Beowolf rendition circa 725 AD. .
THERMODYNAMICS tells us that natural language overloading of the verb can as more may stinks in a 'self evident' way !
KLINGON does not really allow equivalence of verbs can and may .
'SELF EVIDENT', what B. Franklin did to 'Just and Proper' in the draft declaration of independence from T. Jefferson after the Founding Fathers realized they needed a bigger bribe to 'hang together' with 'the common he' or 'we shall surely hang separately'.
CONTRACT, The Constitution of the U.S.A. wouldn't meet the criteria of one, except that Amendment 9 serves to confirm rights under the Declaration of Independence; thus meeting the "a-priori", prior to the fact, requirement of contracts.
JUDGES , If their appointments don't ultimately hinge on well informed elections ( using procedures like MAM. ) : the part of economics called game theory says we can trust them to reliably enrich lawyers.
INTERPRETER , one who tells both parties suffering a language barrier that the other party said what it benefits the interpreter for the other party to have said. In computing , whats replacing compilers in hybrid form.
CULT = a small, unpopular religion.
RELIGION = a large , popular cult.
HISTORY , the shared delusions forced upon schoolchildren to brainwash the lower classes that they share a common interest in society. "Schooling indoctrinates those subjected to it to obey those with more schooling" Buckminster Fuller & others.
SLAVERY , something the church profited from but condemned after Vikings started taking second sons of the nobility from monasteries as slaves. Jesus and Paul both reinforce the authority of slave owners. Prior to that check out the Midianite Slave Girls at under rape.
CLOTH OF MORE THAN ONE FIBER , bible does not specify whether offender shall suffer stoning by whole village or murder by own family in privacy of home for this ' abomination ' .Same as more than 1 crop in a field .
BUCCANEERS, from the Arawak Indian word for their meat drying racks; enters English meaning the folks who used them to sell dried meat to passing ships. Then some turn to piracy for better profits; causing the Spanish to run off their cattle on Hispanola etc. Causing the rest to turn to piracy [ sound social planning guys! ] or starve. [ part of why their democratic traditions inspired those of the U.S.A.]
MONOTHEISM , a religion of low explanatory power for people so poor they only have one god.
POLYTHEISM , religions of potentially infinite explanatory power AND COMPLEXITY !
SERIAL MONOGAMY , why the USA = not a monogamous society, see Donald Trump & Marla Maples.
POLYGAMY , a marriage tradition that can really exist but under the usual Polygyny the man must endure the special punishment of marrying more than one woman . Also normal for most societies and almost all of the bible .
GENDER RATIO , whats with all these extra men ? Has nobody heard that extra male births = higher crime, even the animators of the anime GENESHAFT knew that .
13 WOMEN , a song with an obvious error . Telling the woman one likes the song 15 women works at getting her to suggest more due to the existence of that other song 16 women . I accidently pulled this on someone once . As a fantasy song one prefers 19 women .
TONY CURTIS = why we live so long.
PORNOGRAPHY , a term invented by poor quality Catholic Priests of high birth because they didn't like peasants correctly using the cheap new Gutenberg bibles to notice when the priests lied. ( check older GURPS Medieval for an easy reference ) Should only exist for its inventors. ( actually that's only necessarily the porn witch hunt . )
STATISTICS , an excuse liars use over 70% of the time.
CORRUPTION , the usual form of government. The genius of the
USA = restricting corruption to CAMPAIGN BRIBERY.
PROGRESSIVE TAXATION , an efficient form of financing useful government services.
REGRESSIVE TAXES , something the rich will tolerate.
POLITICIAN , a lawyer hired by rich people to pretend to represent poorer people.
LAWYER , rhymes with liar because thats what they do professionally. One who enriches self while pretending to represent a client .
GOVERNMENT , Bandits who stay long enough to claim their theft etc. benefits you .
ESTABLISHED LEGAL DOCTRINE the chief clerk of the head justice really did report a decline to hear the case where the federal bench reversed a prior supreme court ruling - as if the Supremes held a trial . Thus establishing the legal doctrine that corporations = persons in stark contrast to the last supreme court trial result on subject then Harvard law started teaching it that way . The ' Santa Clara Decision ' did not come from a trial . [ Not true in detail . ]
1850 JUDICIAL REVOLUTION , stems from the guarantee of legal rights Spanish subjects enjoy . These extend to the courts of the USA. as a stipulation of the California purchase . Still only partially implemented even in the 9th circuit .
COST BENEFIT ANALYSIS , a useful policy analysis tool that snuck many right wing ideologies into policy under the guise of objectivity.
COMMUNISM , a lie that someone poorer than you wants you to believe.
" FREE ENTERPRISE " , a lie someone richer then you wants you to believe.
SOCIALISM = the wave of the future for over 90 years now, I see nothing changing this!
CONTROVERSIAL = someone's willing to lie about it.
HARDWARE , what software's for.
SOFTWARE , what hardware's for.
TAUTOLOGY , a short logical loop that really explains nothing.
PARADOX , an inherent feature of open logic systems; the only one's that can explain anything. Paradox makes logic incomprehensible and unresolvable; I'm lying to you right now.
CONVERSE = something that must look obviously true or you may not include the statement in technical documentation. A converse = always true when iff. = correctly used over if , otherwise it must = false at least some of the time. "Never include a statement in technical documentation if it's converse = obviously false."
VICTORY -- the evil BUNTU fell to PCLinuxOS's ascension as #1 on the hit rankings ! I use PCLinuxOS but prefer MEPIS when they have their act together, faster for starters. Actually I have moved on and use other .deb distributions but still consider google and buntu slightly harmful to linux .
STAMP COLLECTING , how modern university Linguists publish enough to keep tenure ; thus rendering them opposed to using logic to communicate as this would render them less employed.
REALISM , a foil used to abandon any hint of game balance in an RPG.
GAME BALANCE , a foil used to abandon any hint of realism in an RPG.
YOU'RE NOT AN EXPERT , an excuse to make GNOME desktop user hostile.
WE TARGET NEW USERS , an excuse to make GNOME desktop user hostile.
KDE , a beautiful free desktop new users love to use on Linux etc. with less code bloat then GNOME despite its reputation for more .
:GNOME: did eventually get better .
FULLY FREE , an excuse to make GNOME desktop user hostile.
FDA , Bureaucrats who lie about food safety to get industry jobs later.
DELUSIONAL, "no longer marginal. It has come in from the fringe, to sit in the seat of power in the Oval Office & Congress. For the first time in our history, ideology & theology hold a monopoly of power in Washington." - Bill Moyers, 2004.
SCHOOLS should inflict E-Prime and the verb MAY on their charges vs causing a reversal of the meaning of the words
truthiness and can in many sentences. Through a negligence that supports the 'self esteem trumps all' movement.
MPI. Multi Phasic Inventories = An excuse to let shrinks pretend they measure personality disorders objectively . Good at getting compensation out of health insurers . Just norming these every 2 years eliminates chance of objectivity . After 25 cycles of norming with 60% above average for narcissism the population fraction that would test below average in that way shrinks under the traditional 2% barrier for statistical significance . Originally normed when most students from the lower parts of the usa. believed that folks who got lynched deserved it . Some high self esteem advocates in education thought these tests would prevent bad consequences from policies boosting self esteem by detecting it . The biggest jump ever observed in these indicators = 66% in 2008 for Narcissism .
RAID = an excuse so vendors ship crap vs hard drives.
SMART = an excuse for the drive to tell the OS its replacement time because the vendor wants good drives replaced after n hours to increase vendor profit.
SATA = an excuse to charge more for cheaper cables.
SCSI = an excuse to charge lots more for more expensive cables.
GIGABIT ETHERNET , a faster way to ask a 99kbps 2 phone wire connection for more bandwidth.
JUNE CLEAVER = a " surviving domestic sex worker " as she's alive in the photo , works in the home [ "domestic" ] , and we see her pre-adult descendants standing next to her on the lawn [ evidence that Ward C. enjoyed her services. ] . ( According to the " Politically Correct Dictionary and dating guide " . ) .
When code & comments disagree , both = wrong.
CIVIL SUIT , Early Feb. 2008, I won one vs some US educated Indian Lawyer regarding the genocide of insisting I meant may when I said can. Large corporation = very happy they got off with what my lawyer called "a very generous settlement " .
BRAIN SCANS confirm most brains between Canada and Mexico suffer an
ALLERGY TO PHYSICS ie. 4 dimensional space time , probably caused by excessive emotional orientation or religion . Specifically , scanning most bipeds while dropping different weight lead balls without any faking ; we detect activity in the peculiar region associated with detecting dangerous errors . But we can fake the test by making the smaller lead ball drop slower and not see the alarm reaction . College Physics majors demonstrate the opposite pattern . Most minds here demonstrate a literal allergy to seeing the part of the laws of Physics called gravity ; so , we shouldn't expect them to
BELIEVE THE MORE SUBTLE RESULTS OF COMMUNICATION THEORY , a part of 4 dimensional space time ie. literally the laws of physics - which enjoys overwhelming evidence of objective validity .
"ALL INFORMATION NEEDED TO JUDGE THE DECISION'S SOUNDNESS = there when its made." all competent deciders .
The advanced optimization rule for advanced experts only = don't do it yet. - needs attribution
PARENTING LISCENSE denied , both applicants lack required
ALTRUISM TRAIT , why do we permit any breeding without evidence of it ?
VENGENCE KILLING = ALTRUISM , as we see reduced breeding from the killers - but not their kin .
SOCIOLOGY = a great excuse to excuse away the equivocation of any or every ' deviance ' with criminal activity - including non- mass - murder genocide .

"I'm sorry Dan, what's right isn't always popular, and what's popular isn't always right." -- George R. Moscone, Nov. 27, 1978

"All truth passes through three stages.

First, it is ridiculed.
Second, it is violently opposed.
Third, it is accepted as being self-evident."

--Arthur Schopenhauer, German philosopher (1788-1860)