What I run Linus/es on . 

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overclockable pentium 3258 using ecology mode 4now ,
desktop on a m85 based asus board w 8g ram .

toxic waste = new laptop , weak intel soc. w 2g ram , cause kitty-guy dre' wants to plaster his furry [ allergen full ] body at my hip .

3= my a205 series Toshiba Laptop w a t2330 intel cpu , graphics and sound from intel .  Always run above my nicer new usb laptop fan , as linux seems lazy about the internal fan . 

201008 Fan on 3 stopped working but 14 cm. usb. fan and 686 kernel can keep it running from external hd. even on a warm day . = annoying ! - Bruce . Removing the Crash of Dust Rhinos from the fan housing required disassembly beyond screen removal , bad design , and much more hassle than the website I used for help . Have not posted extra disassembly pictures .

g=my gigabyte GA-MA78GM-S2H m/b w 6g of 800 mhz ddr2 , amd 780 + sb700 chipset , x3 cpu 8450 , good onboard graphics and sound if I ever get it working .  I works as of 2008 but nobody ever uses it .  

Linux distributions rarely configure My Extensa properly Out Of Box. I'm doing more work per install than my usual  OOB review/s. I felt deep distress on returning 2 to Best Buy but it's power circuits needed replacing .   

L = My first laptop , from H.P. , it died from a one foot fall !

x= my 440 bx board w pIII at600 mhz.

"A" was a socket a board , a v2dp but it died .   

Surviving printer = a Canon ip4200 that can w98 and linux with a ciss. so my main user won't kill it by trying to print after the ink runs out .   Paid about $80 for printer and about $180 for fancy ciss. with an air filter per tank from australia . 

OLD PRINTER/s = Canon s400 for slow color or really cheap black,
Bought a gallon of quality pigment 3 inkjet printers ago. 2nd canon
s400 not rigged as RAIP yet. Canon ip2000 as friends printer =
continuous print system candidate over s400 as they = mega slow but
pretty since ip3000 broke due to lack of gimp-print driver. Canon's
physically here use bci cartridges which predate chipping movement
thus give lower ongoing cost. Cheapie HP still sealed in box. Both
lasers & s400's were free when friends upgraded, other surviving
printers were cheap after rebates. Use bc[something]6000 driver for
canon's for more speed but s400 still = slow, faster than its makers
w98 driver though.