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Character Design – Making art functional

Disney animators discovered a long time ago that solid drawing and
appeal were important guiding principals of animation.
Learn what it takes technically to make characters that work in
production and to talk about the changes needed in current pipelines to
integrate concept art through out the process. 2d and 3d artists all
skill levels.

One thing that I talked about was the importance of concept and modeling team understanding basic rigging and animation so they
can test their files or test files given to them by the character technical artist.
For max there are several free options for people to use- used by BioWare Austin and many more. Cat is now owned by Autodesk and ships free with latest version of max.
    Biped- comes free in max but is more limited than the others.

    Softimage has a default set of character rigs that can be used quickly and easily.
    Maya has a few free options some are more complex than others.
    Human IK rig, lets you have the same kind of autorig /controls that are used in motionbuilder and let the user pose the character quickly.
    Strait FK skelelton with a few quick IK handles on it if needed.
    Zoo Character rig tools (open source tools) very powerful but takes a little tech know how to setup.
 In reality, the best option is for the character td and the concept and modeling team to work at the same time on character designs so that the rig is built by the TD
based on the images or a roughed in model that can be tested and inform the rest of the team about issues that could come up on the character. Films and Games
 will have diffrent issues of course but closer working and better communication between
departments is always a good thing, helping to keep rework because of technical issues to a minimum.

Thank you to all that stopped in and listened to the talk or talked with me after.
I hope that it was useful and maybe inspires you to branch out , explore 3d if you have not yet and learn a bit about where the animation and character
technical director is coming from when looking at a design or model. 

Here is a link and more info on my co-creator, Donny who is a fantastic character modeler and concept artist who  build the demo character for the me.

Donny Hamilton

Modeling Video
Paint video


Creating concepts for 3D designs without a pipeline in sight.

Frank and Ollie- Disney 9 old men principles of animation

Raw Crude: Twists And Turns In The Concept Pipelin -also a must read
by Steve Theodore

Movie of Zack Petroc and his ideas on chracter creation must watch

Art of Glean Kean-

Epic Games interview on Zbrush Central

Technical artists discussion on concepting.

Zack Petroc- amazing artist doing concepting and 3d work

Chararacter Design Interview blog

Can Design Save the Newspaper- his words carry across to character design as well as game design, great video  A great blog post on Iron Man character suit design issues and how it was worked out during Previz.

Brad Clark,
Apr 2, 2009, 9:56 PM
Brad Clark,
Apr 2, 2009, 9:56 PM