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2016 Porsche GT1 Tech Session

Pacific Northwest Region (PNR)

Porsche Club of America (PCA)

GT1  “Show & Tell” 

Saturday April 30   or  Sunday May 1

Attendance is limited

Registration OPENS  March 10th  for PCA members


The Porsche Club of America, Pacific Northwest Region would like to invite the members of the British Columbia Inland Region of the PCA to its GT1 “Show and Tell”.  Because an event like this is so unique and so rarely happens, the PNWR is sharing it with other PCA Regions and other Car Clubs in the Northwest.  

Have you ever been to an automotive event where they had a “World Famous” race car, along with its Race Driver, Crew Chief, Historian and Author, “Showing and Telling” how and why the car was designed, built, raced and the politics behind the scenes?  I bet you have never been to such an event!  In my 30 years in the PCA I have never heard of such an event.  An event with a “World Famous” race car and one person associated with it is a BIG DEAL.  An event with a “World Famous” race car and ALL 3 KEY “Famous” PEOPLE associated with it, is unheard of!  

The Car:   1997 Porsche 993 GT1-108    -     Exxon Supreme Series Champion

The car in the picture and its current owner will be at the event.  Mid-engine, Twin Turbo 620 to 750 HP, 205+ mph, one of 6 cars built!  It won the Series Championship without running the last race!  They wanted to save the car for an AUTOWEEK photo shoot the next day

The GT1 Experts:

Andy Pilgrim is a World Famous race driver with: 64 wins in 10 different series, 5 championships,

1 World Record.  His 1991 race car is in the Smithsonian.  In 1997 he won the Exxon Supreme Series Championship by winning 4 races in this GT1.  

Tony Callas is a Le Mans GT winner and Mechanic of the year.  He is considered “THE” GT1

expert.  He will remove the nose and tail on this GT1 and “Show & Tell” what is inside and how it works.  He will also “Show and Tell” about racing this GT1 and other Porsches.  Tony has raced at Le Mans 4 times.

Randy Leffingwell will be the “Color Commentator”.  He will tell us what was happening behind

the scenes at the factory in Stuttgart.  He will connect the dots from the board room, to design, to engineering, to manufacturing and to the race track.  He will “Show & Tell” who did what, why when and how.  Randy has interviewed over 250 Porsche: Race Drivers, Engineers and Executives and has written 12 books about Porsche.

Imagine the stories Andy, Tony and Randy will tell….

Imagine the pictures they will show…..

Races, Tracks, Wins, Losses, Cars, Drivers, Teams, Owners and Sponsors…

Why am I going to such great lengths to explain all of this?  

I want to avoid hearing people say……

  • “I wish I would have known about that event!”

  • “I wish I would have understood how unique and special the event was going to be!”

Event details:

Attendance is LIMITED

  • So everyone can see and hear the presentations

Attend either day…..

  • Saturday April 30   or   Sunday May 1

  • Identical presentations will be given on Saturday & Sunday

All day event 9:00 am to 5:00 pm


Cantrell Motorsports

1655 139th Place NE

Bellevue, WA   98005  


$48.00 per person

Lunch, a Continental Breakfast and refreshments are included in the price

  • CANCELATIONS will be accepted until April 22nd.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

  • Your CREDIT CARD will be charged on April 23rd.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

  • WAIT-LISTED attendees will be CONFIRMED on April 23rd.

Please understand that….

When you put yourself on the WAIT-LIST, your CREDIT CARD will NOT be CHARGED.  When we move you OFF the WAIT-LIST and confirm your REGISTRATION, your CREDIT CARD will be CHARGED.  There is NO cancellation window for people on the WAIT-LIST.  If you need a “Cancelation Window”, or a “Rite of Refusal” DO NOT put yourself on the WAIT-LIST.

Registration and Pre-Payment “OPENS”  

March 15th. for NON PCA members

We are using for Registration and pre-payment.

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#3.   Look at “Selected Upcoming Events”

Click on….    April 30 – 1   Porsche GT1 “Show & Tell”

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#6.   Choose a profile

#7.   Answer the questions and PRE-PAY

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#10.  Questions?   Email…   or    425-836-3963

Food & Drink questions

Please answer the FOOD and DRINK questions accurately.  We need your input to meet your food and drink expectations.  

Saturday April 30th Dinner

Please answer the dinner question.

If enough people say YES, we will send an email and TEXT to all the attendees and ask them to REGISTER and PRE-PAY for the dinner using  Attendance will be limited at the Saturday evening dinner!

GT1 “Text” Updates

“Join the PNWR/PCA Text Alert Program!  Be among the 1st to get GT1 event updates on your mobile device.  Text the 8 letters   BCINLAND   to   80309  that will opt you into the program.

I hope you now understand how rare and unique this GT1 event will be?  In my April Spiel column, I will share with you the history of this 993 GT1-108 and the biographies of Andy Pilgrim, Tony Callas and Randy Leffingwell.

I look forward to seeing you at this GT1 event on April 30th. or May 1st.  Please register early, the event will SELL OUT sooner than you think!  Do you remember last year’s Jon Shirley Charity event?  It SOLD OUT very quickly!  Remember last year’s 918 TechEd?  500 PEOPLE attended that 918 event.  This GT1 event is even more unique than the 918 event because of the rarity of the car and the 3 fantastic presenters.  Andy, Tony and Randy are “World Class” presenters, there are many people outside the PNWR and inside the PNWR who are very interested in hearing what they have to say and what pictures they will show.  Attendance will be LIMITED to 250 people per day so everyone can hear the presentations and see the car when Tony uncovers it.  Please do NOT procrastinate, register early!

Register Early!

March 10th  for PCA members

Go to…  or

Text the 8 letters…    BCINLAND   to   80309  
Duane Bentley,
Feb 29, 2016, 1:34 PM