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Lawsuit filed by City

Late on July 28 eight Boulder City residents were sued by the city of Boulder City for having circulated three petitions seeking to place initiatives on the November 2010 general election ballot.  The action seeks 1) to have all three initiatives declared illegal, 2) to keep them off the November ballot, and 3) “such further and additional relief as the Court may deem appropriate ….”
Wednesday, September 8, 2010 Judge Allan Earl on Wednesday denied a motion by the city attorney to remove the golf course initiative from the ballot.
People of Boulder City. . . . . . . 1        City of Boulder City. . . . . . .0
September 8th  Judge Allan Earl ruled. . . . AGAINST the City of Boulder City in their request for an Injunction and Writ of Mandamus or Prohibition to keep the One Golf Course Question off the November ballot.    Judge Earl said his decision was made in Balancing Equity.
1.  The City Attorney failed in his Charter duty to review the Initiatives upon request in early March 2010 so that discrepancies could be resolved prior to gathering signatures.
2.  This Initiative/Ballot Question does set POLICY.
3.  This is a legislative question and gives adequate Description of Effect.   Effect will be further developed with the Arguments Pro and Con accompanying the ballot question.
Judge Earl specifically told the City's Attorney--Paul Larsen from Lionnel & Friends to let the people have the right to vote on this ballot question.
Judge Earl will hear the other motions filed earlier on this case.
Right now all 4 Initiatives signed by the Boulder City voters will be on the November 2, 2010 ballot.   Be sure to register to vote. . .  . . and. . . . . . . VOTE!

What’s next with the People’s Initiatives?


The 4 Initiatives have been validated and the City will advertise for Pro and Con Ballot Question Committees.  Consider volunteering for this important task.  You will have a  chance to investigate and draft arguments to approve the Initiatives.  Step 3--under consideration.


Are you registered to vote in Boulder City?   If you have moved or changed your name, update your registration data.  It is easy and fast; get the forms in the post office or at city hall.   You will get a voter eligibility card from Clark County Elections.  Step 4--under review.


As we get closer to the November election, lots of campaign materials will be forthcoming to persuade you to vote for or against the People’s Initiatives.   Study and decide for yourself if we will be better off with the passage of these ballot questions or not.   Step 4--before voting.


Most important, VOTE.  Encourage other registered voters you know to vote too.  Step 6--vote.


Nancy A. Nolette