Term Limits for Committees

Letters to the Editor on the Term Limits for Committees Initiative

Dear Editor:

Why limit voluntary service?


Boulder City is well-known for its volunteers.  Many who live here believe it’s their civic duty to volunteer their time or other resources to the betterment of our community.  This outlook speaks well of our residents.   


A long time ago I was told that the path to a successful political career begins by showing leadership in community volunteer positions.  Involvement in local public and private organizations gave an individual experience with procedures, people skills, budgets, plans and setting goals.  The next step was active participation on government committees, boards and commissions.  


Boulder City has 2 commissions and 7 committees.  All members are appointed by the City Council, are nonpaid volunteers and serve 2 to 4 year renewable terms.  They meet once a month, or as needed, to conduct the business brought before them.  The City has an ample number of volunteers waiting for vacancies.


By Nevada statutes, state, county and city elected offices have term limits although 

Boulder City commissions and committees have none.  Term limits would permit a variety of citizens to step forward, participate in a public government position then return to private life.  Volunteers who stay eternally in a position often become complacent; cronyism sets in and the commission or committee becomes ineffective.  Often other talented and creative volunteers are denied a chance to be involved. 


Time has arrived for Boulder City to apply term limits for its committees and commissions.  Term limits will afford all its interested citizens key opportunities for community service. 


Your signature is needed on a new People’s Initiative for the November ballot that places a 12 year term limit on anyone serving on a commission, board or committee.  Visit the People’s Initiatives website: http://tiny.cc/y9h8u for more information.


 Nancy A. Nolette