Limit City Debt


Letter to the Editor on the Limit City Debt Initiative

 Dear Editor:


In 1998/2000 Boulder City had NO debt. In fact we had millions of dollars of reserves in our General/Utility funds.

Unfortunately the present, but primarily our recent past, City Councils had millions of taxpayer’s dollars available as well as millions of dollars of debt resources at their disposal. Absent voter approval successive Councils stealthily committed tens of millions of dollars on inane projects, deviously reallocated taxpayer monies and distorted the allocations of monies to hide the results of their actions. This absence of voter approval resulted in Boulder City, in just ten short years, to now be over $120,000,000 in debt; debts which you can be certain will require increased surreptitiously “veiled” taxes

All of this supports the initiative wherein the citizens of Boulder City must take upon themselves the disgusting onus of curbing our fiscally irresponsible Boulder City elected officials. However we, as taxpayers, must exercise some degree of control over council’s monetary indiscretions to defend ourselves against increasing financial obligations which may be forced upon us.

Please study the issue. If you concur sign up for and support the charter initiative to curb Boulder City Council’s ability to incur debts beyond $1,000,000 absent a vote by the people.