Elect the City Attorney

Letters to the Editor on the Electing the City Attorney Initiative


Dear Editor,


I encourage registered BC voters to sign the Initiative petition so our City Attorney position is elected by the voters and not appointed by our City Council.  Then the position is responsible to the voters and not to Mayoral or City Council influence.  If enough signatures are gathered, the question will be on the November ballot and the voters of Boulder City can decide if they want a change in the process.


Electing the city attorney by popular vote is nothing new or out-of-the-ordinary.   That is the way it is done in Sparks and a number of other small, medium, and large-sized town across the US. 


Residents are often collecting signatures at a table at locations such as the BD Credit Union.  Please stop by to discuss any questions you may have or if you want to read the details on the initiative petitions.    The information is also on the web at http://sites.google.com/site/bcinitiatives2010/   or http://tiny.cc/y9h8u.


Sandra Reuther

Boulder City Resident




The position of City Attorney is one of critical importance to the residents of Boulder City. His/Her opinions have great influence upon City Council as well as advisory committees, commissions and ultimately upon you. As such, this position should respond directly to Boulder City voters. Why not; we elect judges to our many diverse courts of the State.
Attorneys and judges have differing opinions as to applications of law; and the public has it's opinion. We all probably remember the famous tax decision by the Nevada Supreme Court which conflicted with the opinion of voters and resulted in several judges being ousted in subsequent elections. Should not our City Attorney's position also be subject to a similar critique by Boulder City voters?
Of course several members of the City Council may object to voter evaluation of the City Attorney position. As their employee, through annual performance evaluations, they enjoy an influence over the City Attorney. This "influence" means they will likely receive the opinion they wish instead of one which may better represent the interests of taxpayers
We pay our City Attorney handsomely with taxpayer dollars.. He/She should also be responsive to voters, not solely to the City Council.
Please investigate the issue and, if you agree, vote to make the position of City Attorney an elected position.

Bart Hoppe Boulder City Resident