Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor:


People’s Initiatives


The election cycle is returning.  In November the City has 3 carryover charter amendment questions from the last election.  The City Council will add 4 new advisory questions.  Be aware that 3 involve spending “your” money.


A citizens group is proposing 3 initiatives for your consideration.   When asked, the City Council voted not to include them on behalf of the people.   For the initiatives to become questions on the November ballot, we must collect 700 signatures for each.   If approved by the voters, these 3 initiatives “must” be implemented by the City.   They are not advisory and cannot be overturned by the City Council; only the voters can.


One initiative limits the City’s ability to incur debt beyond $1 million; amounts greater will require your vote.   According to June 2008 budget records and reports, Boulder City taxpayers are indebted for $122 million.  I know none of us voted for any of this debt.  Fortunately, after this ballot question’s approval, you will control what and how much debt Boulder City incurs in the future.


Another initiative would be a charter amendment to elect the City Attorney.   This position would be subject to election procedures and requirements.  The City Attorney would be accountable to the voters and not the City Manager or City Council.  Legal opinions and advice would be to the benefit of the city’s residents and not twisted for political reasons.


The last initiative would allow Boulder City to only own one golf course.   The City currently owns two golf courses; both are operating with significant losses that are subsidized by the taxpayers.   A city of our size could afford to support one golf course, but not two, especially with the economic outlook for the next 3-5 years


Your support is needed, volunteer to sign the People’s Initiatives now.


Nancy A. Nolette



Letter to the Editor:


Last week I experienced working outside the Credit Union at the sign up table for the Peoples ballot questions.  I was impressed at the number of voters who took the time to inquire about what was being proposed and their responses.  One of the problems that proved difficult to explain was that these initiatives are to present the issues on the November ballot.  [Elect our city attorney, one 18 hole golf course, approval needed for projects of $1,.000,000 or more.]  The current sign up is to put them to a vote.  You have until November to learn more and reach your decision.  If this changes your mind and you would like to offer the voters that opportunity the table at the Credit Union will be available most every afternoon in April, weather permitting.  In fact if you have any questions that's a place to get answers.


This brings up other unique and admirable characteristic of our city. We traditiionally top all the other communities in our voter turn out.  And in addition to the many benefits our unique Credit Union has it provides the best place in town to see the   most voters.  In fact it was impressive to learn there are a lot of out of town customers.  It is such an attractive spot to see a lot of people Bill Ferrence has had to develop some guidelines to make sure his customers are not intimidated.  A good idea Bill, and I hope we users don’t jeopardize this valuable communication center you are permitting.


Al Osterling

Boulder City