Initiative 4

Term Limits for Committees

(Initiative Question #4) 

George Washington limited himself to two terms as President. Since then Americans have understood that no single person is irreplaceable to our citizen-government.

The idea of an entrenched permanent ruling class is repugnant to us. Our leaders should be citizens who step forward for public service temporarily, and then return to the private sector.

Nevada voters require term limits for elected officials in the Nevada Constitution. They limited the Governor to two terms in 1970. Other elected officials have been limited to 12 years since 1996 - this change coming from a citizen’s initiative petition.

The committees are an important part of the City government. Member attendance for all committees is required under Boulder City Code.

Boulder City is required to have a Civil Service Commission under the Charter, and a Planning Commission under both state law and the Charter.

The committees and commissions are subject to Nevada’s Open Meeting Law, requiring advance notice of the agenda, and a period for public comment.


The committees and commissions affected include:

Airport Advisory Committee
Allotment Committee
Charter Commission
Civil Service Commission
Finance Advisory Committee
Golf Course Greens Committee
Historic Preservation Committee
Parks and Recreation Committee
Planning Commission