Initiative 3


(Initiative Question #3)


Electing the City Attorney provides voters with their choice of who they want.  This is important because an attorney has a lot of discretion and power in the performance of his job.


From the supporters of a similar question on the Chula Vista, California November 2008 ballot comes their premise that “An independent city attorney, chosen by the people, will be free to fight unethical behavior and corruption in city government and be independent of Mayoral or City Council influence.”


By appointing the city attorney, the council gets to hand-pick someone who only has to be accountable to a majority of the council -- not a majority of the voters – and a council that may be out of touch with what a majority of the people want.


Voters should have the choice of who they feel will best represent the city and their intentions for it.


Electing a city attorney by popular vote is nothing new or out-of-the-ordinary.  Nevada currently requires all counties to elect their County District Attorney, and Boulder City has a larger population than half the counties of the state.


 A number of small, medium and large-sized cities across the United States – Orlando, Florida; Washington, Missouri; Seattle, Washington; Oakland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Long Beach and San Diego, California -- already allow voters to choose their city attorney.

A total of  869 signatures for this Charter Amendment initiative  were collected.  A minimum of 642 qualified and valid signatures are needed.  The forms were turned into the City Clerk's office on April 29, 2010 for signature validation.