Initiative 2


(Initiative Question #2)


According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s Top 150 land area-ranked cities, of the three cities similar in size to Boulder City with populations of 15,000 to 20,000 – Hibbing, Minnesota; Goodyear, Arizona; and El Reno, Oklahoma – only Hibbing and El Reno have one city-owned golf course and Goodyear has none.

          Boulder City has two, and with golf play declining in popularity and payment of the Boulder Creek bonds years off, is it not more prudent and cost-effective to own and operate only one golf course?

          That’s what this initiative is intended to do – get Boulder City back to owning only one golf course since we can’t afford two courses without shelling out huge government subsidies to keep them afloat.


Boulder City taxpayers are subsidizing Boulder Creek Golf Club to the tune of $2 million, and possibly more, each year -- $2 million taken away from necessary services and recreational programs citizens used to enjoy.


Although there is some economy of scale in sharing operations costs between the two golf courses, even more savings could be realized if there was one course, not two.


When it comes to hidden, or extra, costs associated with Boulder Creek Golf Club, the city hasn’t been paying its fair share of utility costs, actual interest costs and unpaid utility bills; equipment replacement costs have been put off until now; competition between the two courses has reduced play at both courses; and the loss of revenue associated with property taxes, recreational land sales and other private business costs has cost the city dearly.

          Passage of this question will affect the city’s budget positively, provide for the possibility of bringing recreational programs and staffing levels back to normal, and create better cost-benefit numbers for the city.