Doing research for SOC 333:

Contemporary Issues in Social Theory

Globalization and World Society


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Find articles

==> scholarly/peer-reviewed articles in the social sciences (including social theory) that you have already paid for!


On campus                                                                                  > "Quick Links" pulldown menu > Library > Databases / Find an article


Off campus


> same as on campus - then enter your Bloomfield College user name and password (the same as you use for your Bloomfield e-mail, or when you login to a PC in a lab)


Look for articles about globalization in these databases:




            Academic Search Premier


These are not the only sources of journal articles, but they are good places to start.



   Abstract                   Text / Full Text                       Full Text - PDF

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          |                                     |                                                  |

summary of the                     - doesn’t reproduce the article’s      - reproduces the article as it was in the original journal

article, written                          original layout                                - may or may not be searchable for words                                                             

by the authors,                    - can be searched for words               - best for printing                                                     

saying what they                                                                                                                      



Find a book > "Quick Links" pulldown menu > Library > Catalog / Find a book or media item


For research in this course, try "globalization" and "international" as Title Keyword or Subject Keyword(s) searches.


By default, the newest books will tend to be at the top of the results list.