PSY224 Information Literacy September 2009

Instructor: Assist. Prof. Mark Jackson, Reference & Online Resources Librarian




  • Overview of basic research: books, journals, websites
  • You will learn how to use ProQuest and PsycARTICLES to find research articles
  • Using Google Scholar to find citations of scholarly literature.


Using the online catalog to finding a book in the Bloomfield College Library




  • Subject search using the thesaurus (add to a search using AND OR) Industrial and Organizational Psychology / consumer psychology / consumer behavior
  • Refine search results using Full Text and date range when appropriate
  • Search using Advanced Searchconsumer psychology OR behavior in the title field / abstract (using fields to search)



Finally, you can use Google Scholar to search for scholarly literature. Keep in mind that Google will usually only let you know what is out there in the web. Often it will not give you the full text of an article. It is a great tool however, and allows you to search across many spectrums.


What is the topic? Subliminal messages in advertising! You can find some examples HERE. []


Evaluating what you find on the Web: Cornell University Five Criteria for Evaluating Web Pages []