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Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

  1. Find the front page of the New York Times for November 29, 1993. (10 minutes) 

    Front Page New York Times 11/29/93
  2. If you found the actual reproduction share with the class how you found it. 
  3. Is all information available for free on the Internet? Can you find what you are looking for no matter how hard or how long you try?
  4. Here is how I did it:
    1. Like many of you, I tried to Google it! That did not get me far. Next, I tried the New York Times website. I looked for an archive. I did not see anything like an archive on the website. Next I tried the search box and I entered the date I was looking for (1992/29/11).  

      This is the result: 
      Note that the results in the blue box are sponsored ads. If you click on the archive website, it will ask you to pay for the information. I could see that I might not find the information I was looking 

      I tried a few other things like Google Image Search, Google News, but I did not find the front page as it was originally published by the New York Times. I realized, as a trained information specialist, that I may be able to find what I was looking for using a database. Going to the Bloomfield College database page, I clicked on Historical Newspapers: The New York Times (1851-2008). This database, owned by ProQuest, has full-text versions of the NY Times all the way back to 1851. I could not enter the date into the search box because that would return search results with the word November and the numbers 1950 and 29. I clicked on the link for Publications choosing number 3 as the best result. I burrowed down through the menu until I found them exact date I was looking for. Finally, I got individual articles for the entire paper [New York Times (1923-Current file) ; Nov 29, 1993 224 Items]. If you click on an individual article, that is the only article you will see. To see the entire page, click the link Page View clickable. Eventually you will discover that you can see each page from each section. 

      Now that you understand the basic steps, find the front page of the New York Times for your birthday! (10 minutes)