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WRT106, 107 (also ACF, ESL) Information Literacy 2013 (Total time: 1 Hour)

Instructor: Associate Prof. Mark Jackson, Reference and Online Resources Librarian OR Assist. Prof. John Hinchcliffe, Reference and Systems Librarian


Learning Outcomes:
  • You will be able to use Google Scholar to find academic scholarly articles
  • You will be able to use databases to find academic scholarly articles
  • You will be able to use inter-library loan to borrow a book from another library

Google Scholar Books and the Internet are only one part of your research project. Often you will need to find a scholarly article, an article written by a scholar or professional addressing a specific topic, usually written for other scholars (or potential scholars), professionals and Higher Education students. Because of economic and copyright considerations you usually will NOT find these types of articles on the Web. You will need to use a database to find the article. Journals contain research articles or literary criticism that is usually more up-to-date than books.

Let's suppose our topic is media (including television, games, movies, etc.) violence and behavior of adolescents. For example, is there any correlation between media violence and adolescent behavior? What research has been conducted on this topic? We can use Google Scholar to search across hundreds of academic, scholarly publications!

  • General scholar searching (type words into the box) (media violence adolescent behavior: 131,000 results)
  • Searching for a phrase or a name (using quotes) ("media violence" adolescent behavior: 5,600 results)
  • Limiting date ranges (since 2009: 1600 results)
  • Searching specific journals (adolescent: 39 results) OR (adolescence: 68 results)
  • Full text availability (look for the PDF or HTML document to the right of the results, note that it may not be full text)
  • Always click the Cited By link for additional relevant results
  • Always click the Related Articles link for additional relevant results

Databases Some databases are very specialized. For example PsycARTICLES is a database specifically for the discipline of psychology. CINAHL is a specialized database for nursing and allied health. The Literature Resource Center is a database for literature. Other databases, such as ProQuest and Academic Search are general multidisciplinary databases.

  • Searching by topic (subject term search)
  • Advanced searching
  • and / or operators in advanced search
  • Using database fields for your search (search in abstract, title, etc.)
  • Finding a specific article in the database using advanced search and fields (author and title)

Inter-library Loan

  1. Inter-library loan processing, from the time you place the request until the time you receive the item, is 7 to 10 days.
  2. Once you place your request, you will receive an email confirmation. You will receive another email confirmation when the item arrives. 
  3. Fill in the online form completely. Missing information delays the process or might mean the request goes unfilled.
  4. Just because you request it, does not mean you will get it. Many items have very limited distribution and there not be any lending libraries that have the item you are requesting. If this is the case, you will be notified via email that your request will not be filled. 
  5. Please check our online catalog for any item before requesting an inter-library loan. The Bloomfield College Library may already own the item. 
  6. Once you receive notification via email that your item has arrived, you can pick it up at the main desk of the library.
Assignment (15 minutes)

1. Find this exact article in the ProQuest database: The Effects of Viewing R-Rated Movie Scenes That Objectify Women on Perceptions of Date Rape.
Authors: Milburn, Michael A.; Mather, Roxanne; Conrad, Sheree D.
2. Find an article in ProQuest about media violence and adolescent behavior in a peer-reviewed journal. Print out the citation and the abstract.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Librarians OR