Introduction to the Bloomfield College Library

Welcome to the Library! This is a special on-line "walking" orientation tour of the Bloomfield College Library. This tour will familiarize you with the location and nature of Library services, the arrangement of books and media in the library, and a question and answer period. The Library is crucial to academic excellence and student success. We hope you will enjoy this informative presentation.

The Main Floor of the Library

The main floor of the library contains photocopying machines (2); The Rona and Richard Pollack Computer Center; Print Periodicals, Journals, Magazines; The Adrian, Hon. '98 & Jerome Shelby Art Room; Teaching and Learning Center (TLC); Reference Books Collection; Information Desk; Circulation Desk; Learning Commons (proposed).


Photocopying services

Periodicals, Journals, Print Publications

The Reference Section

The Circulation Desk

The Message Board

New Books Display

Books for Sale Display

The Adrian, Hon. '98 & Jerome Shelby Art Room

The Rona and Richard Pollack Computer Center

The Information Desk

Study Rooms

Media Center

Upper Level