Essential & Helpful Tools

The Assignment Calculator is a terrific time management tool! Using this tool, you can create a realistic time-line that will lay out in about 12 steps what you need to do and when you need to do it.  Northwest Missouri State University has created a super one that can be used for a speech or a research paper. Click here to use this tool!

BIBLIOGRAPHY - Do you need great, easy-to-use and simple tool for creating citations and bibliographies? The old way and the Net way! There are three excellent websites for creating APA, MLA, and other style citations.
  • Easybib
  • North Carolina State University NCSU Citation Builder []
  • Calvin College KinghtCite []

Evaluating Medical Information on the Web

CALL NUMBERS: Reading call numbers of books to help you find what you are looking for. WATCH VIDEO

PATHFINDERS What is a "pathfinder"? A Pathfinder is a guide to locating a range of suitable resources that may be found online and/or offline. It guides students through these resources for a specific subject area or topic to achieve a successful learning outcome. These guides are developed by information experts. A complete list of printable pathfinders can be found HERE.